In Oshawa, the owner of Mackie Harley-Davidson prevented a theft of a $500 leather jacket from his store.

From the Durham Region News:
Mr. Mackie said the man put the leather coat on underneath another coat.
"We asked them to come back in and go through the security system," Mr. Mackie said. "They said he was too busy and he had bad legs."

Mr. Mackie was now standing in front of the couple's car and he told them he would call the police.
A woman was driving and she began to go forward, forcing Mr. Mackie onto the hood of the car as they drove away. They went east on Champlain Avenue to Thornton Road, then north.

"There was a lot of yelling and shouting," he said.

The driver began "driving crazy," trying to force Mr. Mackie off the car.
"The whole time I was worried about my life. The man said he'd go back to the store," Mr. Mackie said. "They pulled over and I hopped off the car and they sped off."

Now I applaud Mr. Mackie for wanting to protect his store and inventory, but as Mr. Mackie himself is quoted saying: "It wasn't one of my smarter moves, but my adrenaline was pumping. I got caught up in the moment."

In BC we now have the pay before you pump law because a young man didn't know to call the police instead of chasing the would be robber. As much as we want to sometimes, vigilante justice, protecting your own property can cost you your life and sometimes the fall out is dumb, knee jerk reaction laws the rest of us have to put up with. Please use caution - your life is worth so much more than the property you are defending.

Another item  that caught my eye this morning was one from The Motley Fool.

In the article he questions the wisdom of Harley-Davidson relying so heavily on India and other international divisions to generate their forecast income. He expresses that the open road feeling that Harley-Davidson sells in their marketing just isn't a reality in countries like India. He says that the time it takes to get to an open highway can be hours. 

If you are investing on the stock market, if you are contemplating buying anyone's stock, research into a company and it's chosen path is vital. I feel this article could be relevant to anyone thinking of investing in Harley-Davidson - it is one more path to enlightenment.
I invite you to read his entire article - I think it is written from a place of understanding.

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In Other News:
Atlanticade will return to St Andrews NB but the dates will be different

 In BC - Other Non Profit events want the proposed festivals bylaw in Salmon Arm shelved until January of 2012

In Kansas, Big Dog motorcycles has withdrawn their request for a tax relief extension.

For those traveling in the US the new ride guide from Motorcycle-USA might be a handy tool

For those who love their motorcycle magazines, Cycle News has gone digital

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