The news spread like wild fire yesterday when second year U of A law student - Stuart Young's - Motorcycle Noise Bylaw ticket was thrown out of court.

The main stream news is filled with the news.

I have been sitting on the knowledge for three weeks that Liane Langlois had helped Stuart Young with the research that he used to successfully fight his ticket - and that Stuart Young was as prepared as he could be - prepared enough that the judge hearing the case wanted three weeks before rendering a verdict. The commissioner did his home work, he read the documentation, watched the videos and determined that the EPS had administered the test improperly and much more.

Some city councilors now appear to be trying to distance themselves from the issue - some coming out publicly to say that they had been skeptical and thought this would be the result - the old - I told you so's - they are beginning to come out of the wood work.

From iNews 880: "I wasn't in favour of the bylaw to start with," says Coun. Tony Caterina. "One of my concerns was that this would be virtually impossible totally to enforce. I think we've used our police service for this, rather than things that are more important. "I think this is now an indication of where this might go. The technology supposedly is there, but as we see with this first one, it wasn't there to substantiate a ticket.

City lawyers are saying this ticket being thrown out will have no bearing on the cases to come. Stuart however feels he can provide others with a means to fight their tickets.

In this chess game - the next move is up to the city - there are talks of appeals and the officer in charge of the testing is confident that he and his officers just need time to work out the bugs. But that begs the question - why weren't they prepared right off the hop?

According to CTV "We'll grow and adapt and if there are any issues, we'll address them. But our 2011 Excessive Noise Program is going to roll out much as it did last year," said Const. Eric Theuser, who oversees the program.

The officer in charge of the Excessive Noise Program says police were properly prepared before the bylaw came into effect.

About 35 EPS members received a full day of trainin

Liane Langlois has worked tirelessly on finding a way to get this unjust bylaw repealed. Now if a civil rights lawyer could be found there just might be a way to see this bylaw repealed and either make noise testing mandatory for all vehicles that use the roads OR scrap it completely. 

I for one personally believe that the City of Edmonton has met their match in Liane Langlois and Stuart Young - these two have done their research and while there are many neigh sayers out there that do not believe this bylaw can be repealed -  I, however am of the frame of mind that you should NEVER discount the efforts of a small and determined group of people.

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.”

Sonia Johnson

I hope that EVERY RIDER out there has learned a valuable lesson - COMMUNICATION, ACTION and DETERMINATION are key to getting fair treatment (or getting anything done for that matter) - if you actually get off your duffer and do something - if you join forces with others - WE, the RIDING COMMUNITY CAN affect change. The bend over the desk with no Vaseline attitude NEEDS to stop NOW!

If you got a ticket, FIGHT IT. Let's keep up the pressure - let's work TOGETHER for the common good here folks - while the ball is currently in the city's corner - we need to be mounting the next stage of this fight - raising some money and finding a lawyer to take the City of Edmonton and the EPS service to court for wasting taxpayers money and for discrimination - at least that is my humble opinion - what say you?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

I am leaving Edmonton for Red Deer in a couple of hours - I am looking forward to the hugs and the chats! This news should make discussions lively!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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