The Red Deer Motorcycle was an extremely small show - reminiscent of when it first started over at the Capri Hotel's conference center the very first year - back in the day when I was its first event coordinator.

The biggest difference from the first year to this year is that the Capri did not afford one to have the entertainment that was offered. The stunt shows and the trials riding, the littles riding around - no, you couldn't do that over at the Capri.  
Was it a bad thing that it was a smaller show this year? Yes and NO.

On the yes side - financially it had to be tough on the show host. Some of the spectators didn't like that it was a smaller show BUT - it did give people more time to visit, to really talk to the vendors - to mill about and truly enjoy the offerings. 

Our booth was so busy and I want to thank Kim Newberry of the Rockin' the Valley Show 'n' Shine in Drayton Valley for not only being there to promote her community's show but pitching in to help out promoting the Busted Knuckle and the Biker's Discount Buying Club.

And my buddy Gracie for helping out as well - she did such an awesome job - and Barry, thanks for the place to hang my hat, I did miss you and your fabulous - famous hugs. I hope work is going well for you.

The reason that I can go to so many of these motorcycle shows and collect hugs - sell subscriptions to the news paper and promote all of the events,  and everything we do at Belt Drive Betty is because my friends, my community help me out.

I repay them by paying it forward (among other things). It has a been a philosophy I have lived by all my life.

That brings me to the low point in my weekend.

Some one handed me a copy of an email, first thing in the morning - the person didn't want to do it but felt they had to - to inform and protect me. I read the letter and I started to cry. I was gutted. The letter was written by someone from a well known riding club and is also a part of a brand new non profit and this person accused me of misappropriation of funds and of threatening people.

It took me a few minutes to digest this accusation - I made a few phone calls, asked a few people I respect for some advice, I got angry, I was hurt and then I did what I always do - I sought help from my community.

I went to a member of the CMA and said I need a prayer circle. I am not religious person but rather a spiritual one - I understand the power of many minds thinking the same thing, being on the same energy level and the power that positive thought. I understand and  believe in the power of the law of love, the law of attraction amongst other things. 
The people from the Red Deer and Edmonton CMA chapters that I know are loving and ethical, kind and balanced people and they too are believers in the power of love.

The person I sought out is some one I love, admire and respect as a friend - he is someone who will tell you what he feels - regardless whether you want to hear it or not and always does his best to steer you in the right direction.

As Belt Drive Betty, I am in the public a lot, and I have come to understand many things about being out there as a public figure - being a public person has a lot of highs and positives but it can also increase the risk of people who want to tear you down. 
I am a pretty grounded individual these days for the most part (it wasn't always that way). 
I still get excited and angry about things like this but I am learning how to deal with these scenarios much better - I have had some wonderful mentors and teachers showing me the way.

The CMA prayed for me, asking for the right words to be given to me to meet this accusation head on. To do it with dignity and grace, empathy and common sense.

I went away feeling back on track and balanced and went about the rest of my day focusing on the people I had come to see - the riders of our community. In no time I was back to being myself, laughing, hugging, enjoying my life, my community. That night, I went to my friend's, got on the computer, started writing, reading and researching stuff.

I left what I wrote over night, I went to bed thanking my higher power for helping me and had a great sleep. I got up at 5 am - re read what I had written and spent the next 4 and a half hours crafting a pair of letters.

The result of what I wrote made me feel content, balanced and grounded.
I am not happy being put in the position where until my name is cleared I will not work for the charities by selling their stuff for them - unless it is something I myself own and I am donating a portion of the proceeds to them I am not touching it.

I will not put myself in the position of handling anyone else's cash. 
I refuse to to put the charities and causes that I work for in the position where they could be judged wrongly or ostracized for working with me.
I will still promote everything I can like the runs and the groups etc I just will not handle the funds - we will just have to figure out creative ways to help out - I just want to ensure I am totally distanced.

I for one feel that the only thing a person truly owns is your integrity and so I am contacting the proper people, through my attorney to force a forensic audit to prove that as a volunteer - I never took anything and was not the treasurer, and going to look into having an investigation done to prove that I did not threaten or ask anyone else to threaten people. 

Once a forensic audit is done and my name is cleared I can go back to doing things differently but until then I want to look after the people around me.

The person who wrote this email sent it out to their riding club's membership of about 800-1000 people through their web site. Some of these people may know me and know who I am - others won't. The potential for rumor and innuendo is huge, not mention damage to my reputation and business and hence I have chosen to come right out and tell you what rocked my world and put me on an emotional roller coaster. 

The person who wrote the email did send out a subsequent email stating that there was no proof of what was written and that it was simply the opinion of the writer but none the less - the damage has been done. It was no apology and for sure not a retraction - it was an apology to the riding club for using their email blast to put it out there though.

My good name is all I truly own and I want it restored.

I have come to learn that there are some people who will destroy the good things for others out of their need for control or a sense of importance, some are just hateful and some are just - I don't know - selfish? Is that a good word? 

Sadly - this person has caused a whole lot of work and discomfort for a whole lot of people - the good news is - it is only an inconvenience. The truth will prevail and in that I believe.

Like everyday I invite you to get in on the topics of the day - I appreciate the feedback and the opportunity for growth and learning.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. well said...
    I received copies of both the emails in question.

    Those of us that know you know that the statement made was untrue...sadly...rarely do these things get sorted out without someone's reputation taking a hit

    for made me understand that I do not want to be associated with a group of people or organization that would spread blatant untruths.

    with respect and love.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your belief in me. But please remember this was one person's accusation, using their riding club web site to blast the mis information out.

    I do not believe that this person had the right to speak for the club or that this person's way is shared by the club so penalize the person, not the club K - Thanks again for your love and your protectiveness - you and others who conduct themselves the way you do is WHY I love what I do and this

  4. forddofcanada12:19 PM

    I agree Wyz. BDB has been nothing but supportive and hard working for the motorcycle community. Maybe it is my time to rethink the groupds I belong to. Keep up the tremendous work Renee.

  5. community - the riding community is my home....I love them all and the one's who point fingers and purposely attempt to hurt others are not part of my community - in my humble opinion - these types of people are wanna be's and need to be outed.

  6. KawiGal11:15 PM

    Oh, Betty, I'm so saddened and outraged at the same time that someone would call your integrity into question. I would think that a large portion of the biker community "knows" who you are, or has at least heard of you (I saw you listed as a "Friend" of BikerTV, by the way).
    I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Toronto bike show, and you rock.
    You do good work, and I can't imagine why anyone would want to besmirch your good name.
    I hope the nit wit that started this realizes what a can of worms he's opened up - and how he has affected the Charities you work for and support.
    I think he deserves a good swift kick in the arse... or something... but that's just me.

    Also, something that I've learned in life is that most people who point the finger at someone else, are doing so to draw attention away from themselves. Perhaps he has issues of his own.

    You keep on, keepin' on, Sister.
    Luv ya!