The National Highway Transportation Safety Association in the US  has begun funding Motorcycle Only Check Points. Their rational is to reduce injury by inspecting the tires, handlebars, lights, exhaust systems and helmets of riders.

Here is a letter from the AMA asking for a halt to the program:

Read a letter from the NHTSA disputing the call from the AMA to halt the check points:

I am really quite dismayed that we are even discussing this ridiculous and blatant mis management of tax payer dollars but talk about it we must.

Why is the NHTSA not simply adding motorcycle inspections to the already existing vehicle inspections? Why are they not being inspected the same way cars, trucks and semis are inspected for safety and their insurance?

Now I know things are done differently from state to state the way they are here in Canada from province to province - but wouldn't requiring a safety inspection in a proper facility make far more sense than road side inspections?  The NHTSA gets its legality from the Drink Driving Check Stops - but those check stops are for ALL vehicles.  The AMA rightly contends that these check points are illegal and the US Congress has been urging the NHSTA to halt the program.

If you look at this document from the NHTSA:

You will see that there are measures for dealing with illegal equipment.
If the lights in question, the exhaust systems in question and beanies are illegal to possess - then why are they allowed to be manufactured and sold? The same holds true of handlebars - if Apes are illegal then why are they allowed to be manufactured and sold? The tires issue - well - that one I am unsure of as is the AMA and the NHSTA never answered what they mean about tires being unsafe. If they are talking about under inflated tires or thread bare I guess they might have an issue there - but for the rest of it? Come On...

The Babysitters of the world are getting out of hand. It is as if these lawmakers craft laws then forget about them or refuse to enforce them just so they can craft another one. It is as if the WANT to make crooks and offenders out of honest hard working people.
Either that or the seedy politician who crafts them is just trying to go down in the history books and make a name for them self...

Look at the Edmonton Motorcycle Only Noise bylaw.  The provincial law provides a remedy for loud trucks - $115 fine, loud cars - $115, loud motorcycles $115 and for stunting - $400 + demerits.

I shake my head at these people who think that violating one segment of the motorized public is a smart thing to do. I have a question for all of the smart people - Can I call all RCMP officers "DRUNK" because 5 officers in the Delta area of BC were charged with impaired driving - some of them while on duty from December 1 - 31 of 2009?
Can I as a citizen ask a breathalyser to be done on every police officer before, during and after their shift to ensure they aren't drunk?

In my humble opinion, this profiling that is going on, of our community is disgusting.

From the Canadian Encyclopedia: (
Prejudice refers to an unsubstantiated negative prejudgement of individuals or groups, usually because ofETHNICITY, RELIGION or race (see RACISM), but it could be based on any quality, including gender, age, physical appearance or disability. Discrimination is the exclusion of individuals or groups from full participation in society because of prejudice. Prejudice (an attitude) and discrimination (behaviour) are usually linked, but they are distinct phenomena. In a vicious circle, prejudice frequently leads to discriminatory behaviour while discrimination reinforces or creates social and economic inequalities which then reinforce prejudices. End quote.

Now I know all about the charter and how little it really protects us - but somewhere, somehow there has to be a case against the singling out of motorcycles and holding motorcyclists to a different standard than other motorized vehicle owners.

My sense of indignation on this issue is huge.
Anytime one group of people is treated differently and unfairly when compared to the rest of the world it is wrong.

I know that driving and riding are a privilege - does that mean that the drivers of cars, trucks, mini vans, SUV's and semis are more special, more privileged than motorcyclists? 
Or that they are some how special under the law and that they can contravene the law but motorcyclists can't?

I would love to see the day when professional truck drivers act like professional and don't use their engine retarder brakes in city limits and that when they do, the police actually charge them.

I would like to see the day come when police offers are not texting on their cell phones while they drive - like the Edmonton City officer I saw yesterday do - I wished I would have thought to use my phone camera for that one. I wished that every politician saw their job as one of common sense and exercised it when they spent our money....

I would love your thoughts and opinions on this topic - it should provide many of us something to think about next elections...

You have a great Thursday - I am off for two days of sales calls and heading home Saturday afternoon...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Of course this is a very good endeavor ...there are many road accidents all around the world so there should be more awareness and strict laws to prevent such rash drivers.

  2. I am not sure I understand your comment.

    Would you like to see vehicle safety inspections for all vehicles o just motorcycles - and road side checks for that matter

    The laws are already strict - why are they not enforced...guess that`s my question