My least favourite MPP - Helena Jazcek has been nominated to run again for the Liberal Party in Ontario in the provincial elections in October.

Ontario Motorcyclists it is your duty to get out and vote and ensure this viciously ridiculous (IMHO) MPP does not grace the halls of legislature in Ontario ever again. Because this woman was a doctor she has appointed herself as keeper of the motorized recreational community - being a doctor does not give her the right to dictate to people what level of risk they should feel comfortable with for themselves or their kids.

It is my fondest hope that Ontario riders send a clear and concise message to her and the Liberal Party - WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE BABYSITTING LAWS.

I am sick to death of politicians wasting our tax dollars on the ridiculous when there are so many important things like road ways that need desperate attention. Roads are key to tourism and commerce and they keep getting neglected by municipal and provincial governments as do other major infrastructure issues - all in favour of some glory seeking politician that wants to see their name in lights so to speak.

Take a case in point in Edmonton where city lawyers want to appeal the decision to throw out the tickets given to Stuart Young. It was determined by the commissioner who heard the case that the tests - based on solid evidence - have not been being conducted properly among other things and yet these lawyers at the behest of the city of Edmonton now want to press the courts to have the decision over turned. I shake my head at the utter and disgusting waste. As a taxpayer I resent this sort of thing. To me it is a flagrant waste.

If the city really wants to crack down on noise by rude and insufferable people then they should be following provincial law, ticketing ALL offenders at the same rate and using the stunting law far more often which carries a far heavier fine and the loss of demerits.
If this bylaw was truly about noise then it would cover ALL vehicles and road users not just one segment - but like so many things political,  this bylaw appears to be about a popularity contest, glory and self gratification and MONEY - it is a cash grab for the city and an open door to violate the riders of motorcycles by the police services.

The J2825 standard is a HARD test to get right from what my research has shown. (YouTube Video Link: There are so many things that affect the accuracy of the measurement. The officers trained - 35 of them - were trained in one day from my understanding. 

Ah well, I hope the MIC and the MMIC rest easy knowing that their god intention to prevent discrimination has resulted in far more discrimination and the ability under law for the police services to pull over any motorcycle they chose.  To me this ranks right up there with NHTSA and it's motorcycle only check points. 

The police services - no matter which one you deal with - have a tendency to look at every rider and every bike as if we are all either members of an outlaw motorcycle club or that we are all really tight supporters of those clubs with potential for inside information. I do not understand that mentality at all but hey - maybe it's because I am a female...

Yes Ontario - you NEED to get it together for the elections in October and I am gonna keep hammering at you to remind you of what Helena Jazcek has attempted to do to our community.

We must be focused - we need to route out those who would attempt to curb our freedoms. There is no more powerful voice than the voice of thousands who are united to prevent a loss of freedom - of the right to choose.

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