Well - after a full day of driving and flying I arrived at the Toronto Airport an hour and a half late but in one piece - kind of.

I fly Air Canada because West Jet is too expensive for my current budget and that means being squished into the plane like sardines in a can. Talk about uncomfortable. 

The staff were friendly and my seat mates were really nice people and that made the rather uncomfortable seating bearable at least.

When we finally deplaned I was met by Pastor Dave Neals from the Peterborough Biker's Church and his friend Pastor Harvey. We had a pleasant and uneventful trip to Pastor Dave & Karen's home just outside of Peterborough. By the time we got in it was 1:30 am and I am a beat puppy this morning but I am also excited because this weekend I get to see a ton of friends and business colleagues that I haven't seen since the last time I was in TO for a bike show 2 years ago.

Today I spend some time getting caught up on a full day of emails and paperwork and then tomorrow we head back to TO from Peterborough to go and get our booths set up - Can't wait for Saturday morning and the opening of the National Motorcycle Show!!!

There is a ton of interesting news today - everything from Bikies in Australia being raided - house by house after a shooting - apparently the ploice are worried about a turf war heating up.

In Winnipeg Manitoba the hunt is on for a suspect in a police involved shooting - apparently a domestic situation triggered the shooting and the person sought is thought to be a member of the Rock Machine.

In New Zealand they are tackling motorcycle safety in a grassroots sort of way that I really like...

In Europe - motorcycle manufacturers are very concerned over proposed new safety measures that they say will slow down the evolution and development of green technologies in the industry.

There is a ton of other news for your reading "pleasure" over at
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