There has been a whole ton in the news about the various OMC's around the world.
In Australia the Bandidos patched over to the Hells Angels - one of the largest defections in Australia's history and the police services are nervous.

Then in Seattle, the Mongols have been recruiting and that has authorities nervous.

Biker Bill was arrested for recording a police officer during a traffic stop.

The motorcycle only check points coming soon in Georgia - in time for Daytona Bike week have riders upset.

The OMC's have been in the news feeds steady and these motorcycle only check points have been in the feeds a lot too, so what pray tell is going on out there?

Tons of news about the various trials around the globe from Montreal to Nanaimo and right across the US and Australia.

I wonder what is going on out there - it seems that not a day goes by without all of this high profile reporting on the OMC's. When I see what happened to Biker Bill and I hear about theses motorcycle only check points, I truly wonder if all of this "Stuff" is related or what....Your thoughts on this situation would be deeply appreciated.

There's a ton of other news out there today - visit to get your fill!

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