So - in spite of the fact that the first motorcycle noise tickets being thrown out of court (appeals pending apparently) Bragg Creek has decided to craft a noise bylaw - motorcycles being the main reason.

I suggest to anyone riding in the Bragg Creek area that they be careful - careful not to be in too large of a group, careful with that throttle hand - it is after all the rude and inconsiderate that have put this stupidity on the rest of us.

For the respectful rider I say - when you see someone being a self absorbed boob, your duty is to either inform them they are being selfish or to make sure that they are the one getting the ticket.

It is always the one who needs for others to notice them that ruins it for the rest - the old adage - one rotten apple spoils the barrel is very appropriate here.

This riding season - let's shock the heck out of those who want to see us corralled and hog tied...
Let's use respect with that throttle hand - in old folks home zones, hospital zones, residential areas and business districts - a little respect with that throttle hand will go a long way to repairing the relationship between riders and non riders...I'm just saying...

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In other news:

The Justice for All Rally in Surrey BC- the one regarding Cpl Monte Robinson is being held on March 9th.

In Quebec, the former home of Hells Angel Mom Boucher is now a restaurant.

In Regent North Dakota, plans for the world's largest motorcycle sculpture are under way

In Minnesota, ABATE recently lobbied at the state Capitol to protect the rights and safety of all motorcyclists.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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