The whole world has been watching the Royal Wedding as biker Prince William marries the woman of his dreams, Catherine Middelton.

It is estimated the one million people filled the streets and the square in front of Buckingham palace. Unlike the marriage of his father, Prince Charles to Diana, Prince William truly looks like a man in love. And his new bride, Catherine looks confident and very much in love. The world seems to have embraced this young couple, the crowd went wild as they shared two kisses on the balcony of the palace and these two beautiful young people - well - they are dedicated to service of their country and the charities they believe in. Instead of wedding gifts, they asked that donations be made to a number of charities around the world.

Yes, the biker community has a prince - his name is William, he rides a Ducati and he embodies so much that makes up this community that I love and am proud to be a part of! I loved watching the ceremony and the goings on afterwards. 

I wish this young couple all of the happiness that eluded Charles and Diana.

In other news:
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In Ontario, things are really gearing up for the Ride for Dad

There are many more interesting stories in the news today, make sure you visit where we sift through the news so you don't have to!

Have a FABULOUS Friday and if you are lucky enough to be riding today, PLEASE, ride like everyone is out to get you.

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