I am not sure how you feel, but I get so overwhelmed with the job I do and the constant deadlines that I feel like I am going to burst sometimes. In the winter I put a heater with a fan in front of my bike, which sits 6" away from my desk. I sit on it, I throw my feet up on my highway pegs, lean back against my tour pack and I close my eyes and I day dream about the various trips I have taken and imagine myself going down the road with the warm wind in my face. Sometimes I even make Vroom Vroom sounds. It gets me by.

But the spring, the glorious spring, sees myself and hundreds and thousands of other riders who have been snow bound all year quit pretending to ride and go have their souls anointed by the wind.

My favourite therapist - Blackie and I headed out yesterday for a few hours. The smells, the contrasts of snow and ice on the lakes and in the fields compared to the dryness of the open road ahead, the exhilaration of the power you command...mmmm

There is nothing in this woman's life, save my husband and my child that I love more than riding. I gratefully wear every bug like a badge of honour. I welcome the wind like a balm to my soul.

In my world, life would not be worth living, there would be no quality to it whatsoever if I could not ride. Riding is the best teacher I have ever had, it is the therapy that allows me to keep my life in perspective, it is what has taught me to love generously and fully.

Tell me, what does riding mean to you? I would LOVE to know!

Our calendar contests are going well - if you haven't checked them out - you should - 3 contests running with 6 charities to be served!

Our events calendars are filling up fast - it's as if when the sunshine came out 100 or better event coordinators went - OH Crap - we'd best get these posters and events into Belt Drive Betty - watch for them to fill up as we do as much data entry as two people can possibly do in a day!

We will be launching our Canadian Motorcycle Events Apps soon. They will be available on Android, I phone, I pad and Black Berry. The apps are almost done and all we have left to do is to sell some advertising so that they can be free to you riders!

If you are a business looking for exposure - here is a great opportunity for you!

Our Introductory Offer:
You get presence on all 4 platforms, only two advertisers per province - $40 per month - 12 month commitment - and we will give you two months free so you only pay $400 + taxes for 12 months across 4 platforms!

We need at minimum of 10 advertisers - in order to make the apps free and when the spots are filled they are filled - first come first served. We do not want to fill the apps with ads so 2 per province is the limit!

I am so excited as this is only the first of our apps, we anticipate being able to release at least two more apps on all four platforms by the end of the riding season! It all depends on advertisers whether or not they will be free apps.

Our whole web site is mobile as well: and that means you can find the events, the Rider Friendly Business Association® partner businesses that can serve you while you are on the road, you can access the Canadian Riders Support Network and all of our other wonderful services right on your cell or smart phone!  Remember that we at Belt Drive Betty Media™ are your clearinghouse of information for all things riding in Canada - 

BDB Club membership is free so why not sign up, print off your savings/membership card and make sure that you make us a part of your riding life! 

Our Never Ride Alone program is also free to our members because of our sponsor Intercon Messaging. This is a valuable service especially if you are riding through heavily gamed areas by yourself or in areas where you know cell service can be sketchy.

We also offer to our members the opportunity to get road side assistance that is of the same quality as CAA or AMA - offers the same benefits AND MORE - for only $89.95 per year. 6 Calls - shareable between spouses and transferable from your car to your pick up to your motorcycle!

The service is good in the continental US and Canada! Click here to find out more!

Have a fabulous Monday, I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you, I hope your soul was filled with the true meaning of the holiday and I pray you got some wind therapy.
The news feeds are really quite so far today so I am going to sign off and get on with the day.

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  1. Great post, my dealership, Bay Harbor Motors aka Staten Island Kawasaki, New York has a variety of services such as this as well. We have a parts department and service department that is partnered up with a transport company so anything that breaks down and isn't local enough for us to pick up, we arrange to have picked up at the lowest prices possible.