According to an article in Motorcyclist Magazine, Harley-Davidson is going to begin producing a small displacement V Twin for the Indian market - there is a ban on the importation to India, of bikes 800cc and under. The 800 CC and under market is the fastest growing segment in the world.

Also, according to the article, these bikes will be offered in the USA as an entry level bike to replace the Buell Blast and will be used in their Rider's Edge training courses.

I know that when I first heard that Harley was building an "assembly" plant that I was skeptical - I was sure that the lure of cheap labour would eventually replace any "loyalty" to it's homeland.
I guess that the fact that Harley sold very few of their Big V Twins in their first year in India, saw them decided to change course and go into small displacement bikes in order to see their investment in the Indian market pay off.

Now don't get me wrong, I know Harley does tons to support the troops, support MDA, support Breast Cancer Research etc. And I know that businesses are supposed to make profit etc....but I have a moral wrestling going on with the information I read.

The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle - the AMERICAN icon, being built in India, styled in Italy by an Indian owned firm with the heart designed in the US of A  - is this multi cultural blending a sign of the times? Is it really good business? How is the PROUD AMERICAN BIKER going to feel about this situation?

Do you really think that younger Americans are going to hop on a bike built in India? Really? With the political climate in the USA, I wonder.

I lived in the US for 5 years. I was active in drag racing as a crew chief. I know FIRST hand all about American Pride and Patriotism.  Americans are very, very proud people - some say to the point of obnoxiousness - how will this proud people take the sell out of their AMERICAN ICON?

I know that in the past Harley has tried this same sort of thing with some success. Back about 1960 they had purchased the Aermacchi plant in Italy, I am not sure how long they produced bikes in Italy.

It is unclear to me how Harley-Davidson intends to down play that these new entry level motorcycles are not American Made, not American designed save for the engine.
Or maybe they have no intention of down playing it...
Is this product meant to attract the multi cultural population of the USA? 
Has even Harley-Davidson realized the the Asian races are vast becoming the majority races of the world and that the White American Born Biker will soon be the smallest of their market?

How will the White American Born consumer receive this product and how will Harley-Davidson pitch this product? It could prove rather interesting...

As ALWAYS, I appreciate your feedback on the topic of the day!

In Other News:

In Salmon Arm BC, Sturgis North moves forward with plan B after the ruling by the Agricultural Land Commission, denied them use of farmland for camping.

Also in Salmon Arm, the Summer Stomp now awaits it's fate at the hand of the same commission...

In Sturgis SD, they have announced their newest trademark-the new trade mark - Sturgis - is only a US one at least that does appear to be the case.

In Digby Nova Scotia - the Wharf Rat Rally chairman comments on the funding received by the HOG Group for their rally and the Cape Breton Bike Fest

In the US, Veterans from across the country are escorting two I-beams that were salvaged from the World Trade Center twin towers 

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