In our Forums on there is a very important message from Liane Lanlois from the Edmonton Motorcycle Club regarding your motorcycle and the testing of it by police officers for the noise bylaw.

If - during the testing, something happens and an officer over revs your bike and something happens to the engine, if the bike is knocked over - your insurance does NOT cover the damage. You will have to sue the EPS and the individual officer to recover your costs. It is highly recommended that you photograph and video tape the entire procedure. Make sure you take the officers name and badge number. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Not only will this help you in the advent that the officer somehow hurts your baby but if you do get a ticket it will aide you in fighting it. Here is the link to the info in our forum:

Thanks for sharing that information with the rest of us Liane!  I think this information is valuable to those going through the Caledon ON region as well!

In other news:
From Kansas...Clutch & Chrome Magazine reports that Big Dog may be going out of business - apparently the story was first reported by Cyril Huze, where in he claims that dealers are stating that they got calls from head office saying they were closing the doors, reportedly, Big Dog is saying those claims are not true.

In Kamloops BC, the police are reporting that the North Shore Motorcycle Club "demonstrated a clear allegiance to the Hells Angel" when they attended a dinner/fundraiser at the Ukrainian Orthadox Centre this past weekend.

In Ontario - the OPP are warning sport bike riders and all motorcyclists to watch your speed.

Have a fantastic Tuesday - and if you are riding PLEASE ride like EVERYONE is out to get you.

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