The news feeds all weekend and again today are filled with the news of more riders being killed and injured and with many complaints about loud pipe and the profiling of riders in BC.

On the death and crash side of things I am saddened by the number of left hand turning crashes and I am dismayed that although we here at the Busted Knuckle have been working at getting High Impact Intersection signs put up - I keep getting shut down by local Transport Alberta personnel - it appears that I am too much of a controversial person for these people to take seriously - after initial discussions that seemed so positive now they won't return my calls - so riders I want you to send me your letters - this is something that needs to be addressed on a national level - do you feel that signs reminding drivers to watch for motorcycles and bikes at high impact intersections would alleviate some of these needless injuries and deaths? Personally, I think a letter writing campaign just might finally prompt these people to take this situation seriously. If you think like I do, please take 5 minutes and send me a letter - when I have amassed enough I will be taking them to the federal level to attempt to make this a standard in road safety.

Then there is the noise issue.

First off - let me say that I am sick to death of the obnoxious and those people do need to be shut down - there is loud and then there is ridiculous. AND THAT goes whether you are in a car, pick up, semi or on a motorcycle.

I am also sick of these motorcycle only noise  bylaws and law enforcement blitzes and how police are officers are using this opportunity to pull riders over and profile them - asking about tattoos, patches and the clubs you ride with. I AM SO FED UP WITH THIS STUFF FOLKS and I hope you are too.

I have spoken with the Civil Liberties Association and we DO have a case to take to the Supreme court.

I want every rider sending ME their video, photos and documentation of your encounters with the police. We are a visible minority and we do deserve protection under the law from unfair enforcement.

Under the charter we have the right to equal treatment under the law and our rights are being violated daily and that needs to come to an abrupt end.

And finally there is a noise testing unit that will stop giving the police any excuse to stop us other than if we are breaking the law - it is called the Noise Snare.

This highly advanced noise detection system has been independently audited, been looked at from the legal aspect and could be the ticket - literally. I have spoken to the developers, this system HAS been tested by audio engineers and it is a sound technology.

Watch how this works:

Now - if what is going on out there really is about noise then WHY is it that Edmonton City Council and other jurisdictions are not embracing this technology? 
Yes it is expensive but - the costs of these systems could be recouped in a very short period of time and they are NOT labour intensive.

A lot of communities knew about this technology around the time Luc Fournier of the MMIC was going around the country talking to law enforcement and municipalities. 

Calgary is looking at embracing this technology to target ALL noise offenders and be ware - if you stunt like the dude in the video - you will get nailed for that as well.

This is a system that I think all riders should embrace and what I am told is going to happen in Calgary is this: new noise laws will be written and for all vehicles there will be one decibel level for matching speeds of 30KPH, 50, 70, 80, 90 and highway speeds and that noise level will be for ALL Vehicles.

Finally - some is addressing the issue of the inconsiderate and obnoxious on a fair and level playing field. The MMIC's J2825 was ill advised and caused the discrimination in of our community to be deepened as if we were the only offenders out there - now however if these communities are really serious about noise - if that really is the issue - they will have a tool that they can use that will target all noisy vehicles.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

My heart goes out to everyone in the Slave Lake region - I pray that mother nature eases up and the fire fighters are able to contain these wild fires. I am so grateful no one has died - houses you can replace - people you can't.

Other than lots of crashes to report the news feeds are quiet today but please check them out at

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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