I read with much dismay that the US Supreme Court has nullified the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution giving police even wider, broader authority.

Their justification? Terrorism.

Begin Quote: Roberts 36 page opinion stated that the word "unreasonable" has been interpreted out of existence so that any time a police officer feels the desire to enter a home his actions can be defined as reasonable.

"We live in a time of terrorist activity", Roberts continued. "To assure that people feel safe in their homes we must open our homes to police searches any time and for any reason". End Quote

Folks - I wouldn't want to be an American citizen for all the tea in China - a once great country that stood for freedom is now a slave to protection and while some may say that is a good thing - I think that these powers the police have go too far.

With the way things are going here in Canada - I fear we are not too far behind the US and it is time to stand up and protect what we value the most - our rights as citizens to tell our tax paid officials ENOUGH - there is protection and then there is internal terrorism. If you look at the statistics - the RCMP have approx 18,500 officers and out of them, just shy of 300 were charged last fiscal year with a variety of offences - everything from masturbating in public to wife beating and drunk driving.

How can we allow people who are sworn to serve and protect such wide sweeping powers when they can't even control their own?

They are human - they are fallible and if we allow these men and women the free reign that the politicians in the US are granting their police services we are in for a dictatorship - where the police run the country and not the people.

Unless we want to follow in the footsteps of our neighbour to the south, then NOW is the time to act - to send a strong and clear message to our government - the people WE taxpayers have elected and whose handsome salaries we pay - that we will not stand for the defilement of our rights in this great country.

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  1. Jen Moore1:00 PM

    OMFG! I cant believe it! that's insane. Not a chance that I would not freak right out if a cop tried to slip even a toe into my house without a warrant! If I hear a single iota of this legislation coming into Canada I am gonna try my hardest to rally everyone I can think of to storm Ottawa and make our voices heard! No way in hell should police get carte blanche to enter ANYONES home without a warrant. Terrorism has always been a problem, its just covered in the media more now so it SEEMS like a larger problem. And technology has made it easier to pull off attacks. That should not penalize the rest of us....thats just as ridiculous as saying that because some drunk drivers require an ignition lock breathalizer, hey should put them in every vehicle just incase....bullshit!