I have an alcoholic for a mother who was never been there and to this day is not there for me.

I was, however, fortunate to have two grand mothers and two mother's in law that taught me much about life and love.

To my Grandmother Anita and my Grandmother Avis - thank you for giving me the love that my mother was and is incapable of. You taught me how to be a mom, and I am so grateful to have had your love in my life. I miss you both. RIP.

To the two mothers in law that I have had - Dorothy, RIP - you were a wonderful mother figure in my life and the love you showed me lives on in my heart and Bertha - thank you for loving me like I am your daughter. Your acceptance of me in your heart means more than words can express.

I came across a poem that expresses the way I feel and for those of you out there who, like me had a mother who was less than a mom - I hope that like me - you were blessed with something more - a woman in your life that filled that void and made you feel valued and loved.

I never had a mom - Unknown

I never had a real mom, but
I've had a mom that's real
In all the things that moms should do,
And all the things moms feel.

I never had a mother, but
I've had a mother's love.
I've had the kisses and the hugs
That therapists speak of.

I guess I should be crazy with
The things that I've been through.
But I've had all a kid could need
Because I have had you.

To those who are mom's and give to their children the love they need and deserve - have a wonderful day.

Belt Drive Betty

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