Well, the first long weekend of the season is behind us but the tragedies and aftermath of the weekend are just coming to the surface.

A Grande Prairie rider was killed this weekend when he crossed the center line coming around a corner and ran into a group of 3 oncoming motorcycles.

In Montreal 2 riders are dead.

I attended Slack Alice's Show 'n' Shine this past weekend and while the numbers were down significantly, the event was very enjoyable. I think the fact that it was a long weekend with many competing events, and is typically a family weekend with people taking their kids camping contributed to the lower than normal numbers.

It is the first time this event was held on a long weekend - organizers have been attempting to find a weekend when Mother Nature will be a wee bit more cooperative - the event started out on the Easter weekend, moved to Mother's Day and now to the long weekend - I am hoping to get word from Karla to see what they may do for next year.

This coming weekend has lots of events right across the country gearing up. I will be heading home from the Okanagan on Thursday/Friday and getting ready to head to Toronto and the Hero's Highway Ride - I am so honored to have been invited to be one of the honorary road captains.

I have so needed the miles under my belt and riding through the Okanagan has been nothing short of fantastic.

In other news - the helmet law is back on the table for debate in Pennsylvania

In BC - RCMP are saying the HA gatherings in that province were very quiet.

In Ontario the big HA Trial is over and the verdict of not guilty of being a criminal organization was the result - however the individual members were convicted of various offences.

In PEI a man was charged with drunk driving after a crash with a motorcycle.

In the US - a Patriot Guard rider who was on a national run to promote veteran's issues was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle in New Mexico.

There are many more news worthy articles to read today - so visit to get informed!

Ride safely today people...ride like EVERYONE around you is blind and can't see you.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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