So, Operation SharQc in Quebec nailed 159 suspected bad guys and 29 get freed and 2 more who have not been arrested yet are also having their charges stayed.

Why is this happening?  Well, according to the Superior Court Justice; James Brunton, in his 48 page decision - he is angry with the delays, and cites the fact that the courts can not try that many people in a timely fashion - in fact only two court rooms can hold mega trials. The crown prosecutors are being taken to task for their handling of the charges. The crown is considering an appeal of the justice's decision.

So here we go again, more tax payers dollars flushed down the toilet and for what? Just like the G20 Summit - millions of dollars being wasted, people being charged and set free, I wonder if we can ever get our justice system which appears to be severely broken - mended or fixed...

I also read in the news feeds this morning - with much dismay, about the BS going on in Salmon Arm with the Stomp and Sturgis North. It appears to me that the council in Salmon Arm and the Agricultural Land Commission system there is unfairly targeting biker events for special treatment - the Stomp is still uncertain as to whether or not it will have a home for its 22 year old event and Sturgis North seems to be getting the run around from a council that originally agreed to the event - I am glad that Ray and his team seems to have a lot of plans B and C in their pocket - there are a number of communities on board for this mega event in Salmon Arm. I personally feel that what is happening in Salmon Arm is similar to the situation I experienced in Olds in 2007 - I am dismayed at the behaviour of this city council who won't return this reporters phone calls.

You see, the city of Salmon Arm would not back Sturgis North and their application with the  Agricultural Land Commission until they came up with the $40K for enhanced policing etc. now that they have the money in hand they are going to back the application for vendors to park/camp on Agricultural land - it seems that money is the driving force for the city. 
Now they want to change the noise bylaw extension... I am not sure I can speak intelligently on this topic until I hear from someone on council, but as I said, my two phone calls have gone unreturned.

I would like to understand better the challenges being faced by the Stomp - I am uncertain as to why a 22 year event that has raised many dollars for local charities hasn't been granted the use of land yet - it boggles my mind.

I know all too well the frustrations of being an event coordinator and dealing with politicians, police services and other commissions and groups and the hoops one must jump to get an event approved and the fact that new hoops keep getting added on even after an event is approved - it is maddening, and stressful. You - the riders who are going to attend the Stomp, Sturgis North or any other motorcycle event can do your part simply by having the common courtesy of not giving these events a black eye by being selfish or thoughtless - why do I say that? It is a hard, hard job to earn the right to host an event but it is easy to loose that right - so please - remember to leave the towns you attend events in - no matter where they are - in better shape than you found them - don't give people a reason to bitch and complain about our community and its conduct - it is only by being considerate of others that we as a community will see our events continue.

The Great Canadian Bike Rally in Merritt has just announced another act that will be performing. George Leach will be opening for Colin James at the Great Canadian Bike Rally, Saturday July 16, 2011 - read more about that in NEXT weeks Busted Knuckle - this week's paper which comes out tomorrow has some interesting product reviews and business showcases....

Another issue that I have been road blocked on a bit is with New Brunswick and Rigid motorcycles. I have been attempting to contact the minister - and the deputy minister for public safety to understand why a man whose motorcycle has been registered in that province for 3 years, a motorcycle the current owner NEVER MODIFIED from the time he bought it other than for paint and lights would now find his registration placed on hold until he has the frame examined by an engineer. You see from what I have learned to this point - the gent called NB Dept of Public Safety asking about a restoration project and when he spoke to an engineer about the requirements, the engineer reportedly told him that rigid frames were unsafe and he wouldn't approve it. When the gent doing the restoration expressed that he was riding a registered rigid in NB  and that there was nothing wrong with his bike a few days later his registration was held and now he can't ride. Ah, politics and personal opinion - I love to hate it as I am sure most do who have ever experienced bureaucratic run a rounds.

I know Ben of Trike Central in BC could bend our ear about that - right Ben?

I received a phone call early this morning from the Concord Police Department in New Hampshire. After the article that was in the news feeds about a week ago where in the law enforcement motorcycle club - also referred to as a gang - the Road Dawgs MC reportedly stole a vest from a shop keeper.
Lt Mitchell assures me that this case is being investigated and that once the investigation is complete he will advise me of the outcome.

I have spoken to Brian Blackden about this case and he has expressed that he has law suits filed against the NH Police and is going to pursue charges against the Road Dawgs MC pending the outcome of the investigation. Blackden has said he will keep us informed as to what transpires. 

Why am I as a Canadian interested in what has taken place in Concord New Hampshire? 
Well, firstly, if a motorcycle club is going around acting like thugs and giving the rest of the community a black eye - I am concerned. Secondly when that motorcycle club is also a law enforcement group, well that has me doubly concerned. Thirdly, we have Chapters of the Road Dawgs MC here in Canada, so now I want to know way more about this club.

Our community gets profiled by this same group of people during their day jobs and if in their personal lives they are going around and acting worse than any of the clubs they claim are comprised of wholly bad people, well I then have questions. The hypocrisy of their conduct makes me wonder a number of things - I am sure many of you can read my mind on what my inquiring mind is wondering...

There is a whack of other news out there today including news on two riders from Vernon who were injured over the weekend and a rider from New Brunswick who was killed in a crash with a vehicle that was leaving a driveway.  Keep yourself up to date with what is happening in our community by visiting

I am getting packed to catch a plane to Toronto so that this weekend I can ride in the Heroes Highway Ride hosted by Lou DeVouono and the Perfect Pigs MC - I look forward to seeing MANY thousands of riders out - reportedly this ride is expecting as many as 4000!

As always - I welcome your comments and feedback!

You have a fabulous HUMP DAY folks - I will talk to you all tomorrow.

AND PLEASE - Ride safe - remember everyone around you is blind and or texting so ride like they are out to get you - be defensive, not offensive - only use your pipes to prevent one from drifting in to you or from running into you from behind. If loud pipes are to continue to save lives - they must be used judiciously - not for showing off but as an addition to your defensive driving skills.

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