Do you attend the various rides, rallies and rodeos this community hosts?
Do you ride in Canada? If so - will you consider joining me???

This summer I am on a quest to create motorcycle awareness PSA's - "Share the Road - Share the Ride."

Shock and Awe commercials are of limited value as most people get to squeamish to watch them but the commercials that share who we are as people - they tend to bring awareness to a whole new high.  Look at the construction commercials - they are very successful.

Since I have been being stonewalled by the local office of our transportation department I have decided to use my Drift HD170 Cameras and film my own awareness commericals.
I will be attending as many events, riding with as many clubs and individuals as I can all with one purpose in mind - creating PSA's that will help save the lives of my family members.

The concept is this:
One person on their motorcycle, as they describe who they are (I am a wife, a mother, an auntie, a grand daughter, a friend a book keeper, a volunteer), the important people in their life will stand behind the rider on their motorcycle - once there are a good number of people behind the rider the rider will state - "My name is Sheila - I am a motorcyclist and the people you see behind me would like you to share the road with me."

And at the end everyone will say:
"Share the Road - Share the Ride. 
Keep our loved ones ALIVE - Think and Drive"

I will be looking for help to edit the videos we create and then we will distribute them to various TV stations and web sites across the country. We will fund the video editing by selling ads at the end of the commercials - those can be local, regional ads or national ads.

The whole goal is to show the non rider that the rider has many lives - a personal one, a professional one, a community one and a recreational one. Many lives wrapped into one life. We are a strong and vibrant community made up of eclectic and gregarious people. We have many talents and much to offer - keeping us safe out there, creating awareness of the people behind the machines - spreading the words of who we really are as a community - that is my goal, that is my mission - I hope you will help me because as a community - a family, we can do anything we put our minds to!

Below is my Itinerary - I will be looking in our events calendars to see what other events I might be able to attend but for sure I will be attending Sturgis North in Salmon Arm BC, The Great Canadian Bike Rally in Merritt BC and my destination and Major National Sponsor is the Cape Breton Bike Fest!  I am looking forward to this Cape Breton Event, meeting the local riding clubs and riding the Cabot Trail.

It is my hopes to have regional PSA's filmed for every region I ride through so come on out and join me for an hour, a day, a week - together WE the riding community - the Family Wind - CAN create our own powerful and productive Motorcycle Awareness Commercials and prevent the carnage in our community created by distracted drivers and those who do not appear to know the rules of the road - let's work together to create a safer and more enjoyable riding experience for all - Share the Road, Share the Ride...

If you would like to be involved drop me a line at bdbetty @ - remove the space...

There are many sad articles regarding riders that have gone down, some interesting speculation about Suzuki's 2012 line up, news about the helmet law in Michigan and some great sports articles so come check out all of the news of the day at where we sift through the news so you don't have to.

Have a fabulous Hump Day everyone and please if you are riding today - ride with respect, ride as though everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember who loves you baby...

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