It's been all over the news that Jack Layton has lost his fight with cancer, and whether or not you agreed with his politics or not, one thing is certain, the man loved Canada. His passion to see this country unite is what won Quebec over and I pray that some one with a similar passion and big vision heads up the party next.

Jack Layton was a remarkable man and I think Canadian politics will never be quite the same again. Safe journey Jack, you touched so many people with your warmth, your genuine caring and your passion. You will be deeply missed.

Motorcycle Noise - I am so tired of our community being singled out as if we were the only community of road users that make noise. When are these cities going to get on the NOISE bandwagon and start nailing ALL offenders? Kelowna and St John's are the latest cities to decide that we - the motorcycle community are the major cause of noise. People, I am tired of the complacency of this community - why are you not angry?

The technology is available for these cities and communities to target ALL Noise offenders not just motorcycles. I do not like loud - annoying bikes any more than the rest do but seriously - why are motorcycles the only target on these people's minds? The Noise Snare is the technology of which I speak.
Why would these cities not want to use it - I do not understand - it is low maintenance, portable, only requires one officer, is able to record both audio and video and able to nab ALL noise offenders including the neighbour thowing a loud house party. If this issue was really about NOISE then this technology would be what is being used - so since NOISE does not really seem to be the issue what is? Can anyone answer me that?  Talk to me people - what is it going to take for us to get behind a non discriminatory technology and force these communities to treat NOISE like NOISE regardless of who is making it?

And more motorcycle crashes and deaths...what is going on people? So many crashes where a rider lost control - are people running bad tires? Low or over inflated tires? Or are the roads they are riding that bad?

I wished that there was an answer somewhere. Six crashes in the news again today - it is disheartening to say the least.

I am running the Doran 360M Tire Pressure Monitoring system on my bike and man what a difference that has made for me. The monitor lets you know what your tire pressure is at the touch of a button and warns you when your tires cool down and drop pressure. If your tire/s drop pressure while you are riding - a drop of 12% you get a harsh warning - its a great system that is super easy to install and gives you some peace of mind. You can find out more by contacting Robert at Doran Canada

Toy Run season is almost here and both Whitecourt and Edson here in Alberta are on again - make sure you check out the events calendars at - you can share the event information with your friends quickly and help spread the word of the events that need and deserve support!

The Hoka Hey Challenge has ended and the guy who won last year has won again! Will Barclay of Florida is the unofficial winner and once drug and polygraph testing are done he will get his cheque for another cool half million dollars. The Hoka Hey Challenge ended in Nova Scotia this year.

I have completed my first ever documentary on Motorcycle Awareness and after everyone has seen it that was involved in the project I will be making it public. It is my hope that both rider and motorist will learn from the documentary and learn to share the road....

In Other News:

Saskatoon SK got a visit from a Crazy Old Biker from Brazil

Moncton NB is pleased with Moto Moncton and the feedback it is getting

In Perth ON the 911 Ride was a huge hit

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Well, I have a ton to do today like every day so I will talk to you all tomorrow, in the mean time, PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and please, be respectful with that right hand - waking up a sick baby, pissing off a business man/woman in a meeting or disturbing the rest of someone on nights is just wrong - we need to share this world folks!

Until tomorrow...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor of Canada's ONLY Weekly Newspaper for Bikers - The Busted Knuckle Chronicle

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