You know that the riding season is coming to an end as toy runs are taking place right across this country. It is one of those bitter sweet things that many riders love being a part of.

It's a wonderful feeling being a part of something that gives so much joy even though we seldom get to see the result first hand.  I have had the pleasure of volunteering at our local Salvation Army during the Christmas distribution of hampers and gifts and I can tell you that it is an amazing feeling. When you see the parent/s - the working poor and those unable for a variety of reason to work or find work and the happiness on their faces, well it really drives home why we riders do this every year.

Many of you know that some 23 years ago, my daughter and I were beneficiaries of the generosity of the motorcycle community. I know first hand how grateful my daughter and I were. It is the reason I attend as many Toy Runs as I can. I have always paid that kindness forward.

It is my fondest hope that every toy run be a huge success and that every rider who attends remembers the reason behind the runs and donates as generously as their budgets will allow - every child deserves a present under the tree on Christmas day.

I would love to hear your personal stories about toy runs - why you attend, have you ever been a beneficiary or known someone who has been? What the runs mean to you...

In other news:

On TV: OCC is facing foreclosure and Sons of Anarchy is back

KTM has announced a number of recalls

Michelin has a new tire out that they claim will last 40K kilometres

In Newfoundland they are getting geared up for the Wild Rose Show n Shine and Ride for Wildlife

In Comox BC they are getting geared up for their toy run

In Lloydminster SK/AB they are getting geared up for their first toy run!

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I have lots on the agenda today - I am putting the finishing touches on the Real Lady Riders Calendar and hoping to start the Men's Calendar today - you can buy a calendar by pre order only!

If you are a lucky dawg and riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember to use respect with that right hand...who knows who you might be waking up or disturbing if you don't.

Have a safe weekend, enjoy the toy runs and last of the season events...

Until Monday...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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