I am sure that many Canadian Veterans can identify with coming home after serving their country only to find they have no employment and for many their physical and mental injuries make keeping employment when they do find it challenging to keep the job as many employers do not neccessarily understand PTSD and other handicaps that our vets come home with.

In the US, where unemployment is sitting at about 30% for young veterans, it's a discouraging situation.
Step in VETransfer. A business incubator - "VETransfer itself doesn't provide financing; rather, it connects clients to investors who are looking to support veteran entrepreneurs. The staff also helps vets with business plans and navigating government regulations, in addition to giving them free Internet access and office space."
Many of the Vets starting their own businesses are looking to employ fellow vets and that would be a wonderful situation for many!

If, after two years this incubator is successful in helping vets create and maintain businesses the VA will look at starting up other such services.

I have not had any success finding a program like that here in Canada for our vets. I wonder if anyone has considered this idea here.
The only information I have found on business incubator services is on an organization called CABI.
While they are not geared specifically for Veterans, I wonder if they might not be able to offer some assistance and perhaps be convinced to add the extra assistance that veterans would need.

If there are any Canadian Veterans who read my blog and know of resources out there that I have been unable to find, I would appreciate hearing from you. Our community is filled with military veterans and I am sure some outreach and assistance finding thins kind of information would be hugely valuable to them.

In other news:

Motorcycle Noise is still making headlines in St Johns NL & in Guelph Ontario...we may be putting our bikes to bed or riding in a limited way, but those that do not love the noise our machines make, have not forgotten us.

In the US - SuperTrap has acquired JayBrake

A Michael Jackson Tribute bike is unveiled

Suzuki has debuted it's new GSX-R1000

And in TV news - a new internet based horror series called Chopper is released just in time for Halloween.

There are many more articles in the news feeds that may be of interest to you over at where we sift through the news so you don't have to!

I hope you have a splendid Tuesday and please, if you are still riding, ride like everyone is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
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