Biker Comedian James Uloth is coming to Grande Prairie and I can't wait to go the the Stonebridge Hotel to finally meet the man. The Boob Tour is stand up comedy at it's best featuring some talented comedians and they have been affected by Breast Cancer in one way or another. James, at 16, watched his best friends mom die of breast cancer and has wanted to do something positive to impact the disease ever since.

The Boob Tour is the result of that effort.
Begin Quote: To date, the tour has raised close to $150,000 and now that they're entering their second year, Uloth says that word is spreading. Their recent return to Edson and Hinton saw a huge jump in audience attendance.

"People really catch onto the idea and when they see the quality of what we're doing, people really get behind it," he says.

At this weekend's event, the audience can expect the night to be like any other evening of comedy.

"That's one of the most common questions we get. It's pretty much a regular act, we all touch on cancer a little bit. It's not 90 minutes of boob jokes like some people are afraid of. It's meant to be a laughing affair that's uplifting." End Quote

Besides James,  Lars Callieou, Alysia Wood and Allison Lane, who is a breast cancer survivor will be on stage to fight Breast Cancer with humour...The Boob Tour plays at the Stonebridge Hotel here in Grande Prairie AB on Saturday. Tickets are $30 and can purchased through the Canadian Cancer Society by calling 780-538-8205.

In Smithers BC, the HOG Chapter is holding a bowling night right after their meeting to discuss the MDA Dance in March. For those of you interested only one member on your team needs to be a HOG member and the HOG Chapter is picking up the tab...

In Ontario, there is a new CAV Unit called Sicily, and is named for the 1943 Battle of Sicily when the Allies launched one of the largest combined operations of WWII for control of Sicily.
Begin Quote: There are three regions: 1st CAV which covers central Canada (Manitoba to Quebec), 2nd CAV in Eastern Canada and 3rd Cav in Western and Northern Canada. Members gather in units named in tribute of Canadian Battle Honours.

The local unit is in 1st CAV and is named for the 1943 Battle of Sicily when the Allies launched one of the largest combined operations of WWII for control of Sicily.

“Our mission statement is to ‘ride and have fun, while helping others’,” said Betts whose nickname is Lurch and who was an Administrative Clerk in the military for 14 years.

CAV does have several charities of choice, such as “Ride for Dad”, an annual ride for prostrate cancer and ICROSS, International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering of the world’s poor. It also supports a number of military organizations including Soldier On and the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre). End Quote

In Airdrie AB, the Kosovo Unit of CAV honoured area soldiers who gave up their lives for this country in a moving ceremony and ride.  Begin Quote: The Remembrance Day ride and march began at the Legion and eventually wound its way up Veterans Boulevard where Legion members erected white crosses along the road in memory of the fallen soldiers.

Each cross was starkly marked with the soldier's name, age, rank and date of death ­— a symbol of quiet heroism that was not lost on anyone attending the event.

"I saw one cross that truly moved me," noted Kosovo Unit Secretary/Treasurer Norman Macrae. "It was a boy from the Royal Canadian Navy who was killed in 1916 at the age of 14.

"These crosses represent real people with real names and real families. End Quote

Information on The CAV can be found at

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If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, Please - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and if your baby is put away for the winter, hope you have changed the gotta protect her yah know!

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