Harley has decided to enlist the help of it's fans to grow it's business. They call it crowd sourcing -

Begin Quote: Fan Machine allows Harley-Davidson's Facebook community to review an advertising brief, submit ideas and vote on ideas from other community members. After selecting and rewarding the winners, Harley-Davidson will work with existing marketing partners to bring the best creative ideas to life. Harley-Davidson has crowdsourced ideas like this for a year, but not with the massive scale of Facebook. End Quote

How do you feel about that folks? Having a major company use you to direct their advertising and make millions doing it?

Do you feel used? Do you feel empowered - how does H-D using you for their marketing ideas make you feel? Is it a good thing? A Bad thing...I'd love to know.

Thought I would share a few of my favourite funny's from the Internet with you today - everyone needs a good giggle to get the day going!

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Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday everyone

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  1. It's nothing new. Many businesses put cookies on you to see what you do and where you go on line. They pay others to monitor where you click to, what your interests are.

    The Facebook announcement is a more up front and direct approach, I can choose to participate or not, unlike the snooping cookie that gets attached to my computer without my knowledge or permission.