The first attempt at winter this year has hit Grande Prairie AB - that dreaded white crap - snow hit mid day yesterday - not much, but enough to remind me that my life line to sanity is about to be cut off for a few months.

I have struggled every year for the past 35+ years to find a way to deal with Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. The very thought of not having my ride at my disposal when my soul needs some clearing, when I need to find my joy and bliss - well - it hurts. It's a physical, mental and soul wrenching hurt.

What do you do to overcome that empty feeling?

I would love some suggestions - I get PMS so bad that I will sit on my war pony - shades on, feet on the highway pegs, leaning back - reliving the season, it helps, but it just misses the mark in making me feel that rapturous pleasure that riding brings.

How do you cope with winter and the separation from your ride that it brings ?

For those of you who are members of our web site, today is newspaper day.

I hope you enjoy the stories from the riding community on Remembrance Day and I hope you will join the rest of the world as we pause tomorrow to give thanks and Remembrance to those who have paid for our freedoms. 11-11-11 - no matter where you are, what you are doing - please, stop for 1 minute and REMEMBER.

Until Monday
Please - stay safe out there and Remember to Remember

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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