There is an article in the news today that has me shaking my head.
A rider in New Jersey was charged and convicted of cruelty to animals for taking his dog on his motorcycle.

There are so many truly cruel things that human beings do to animals, but sharing the love for wind in your face? That's cruel?

I have a 2 year old cat named "Lost" - Lost had been abandoned at about 2 weeks old, in our local WalMart - stuffed in a shoe box in  -58 weather. Abandoning an animal when it is -58 at two weeks old - that's cruel.

I am currently "taming" a 2 years old stray cat that I call "Found" - he's been coming here for meals for about 18 months and I finally have convinced him that I am not a bad human and that it's much warmer inside than out. Abandoning an animal - that's cruel. The fact it's taking 18 months for this little guy to trust me is TRAGIC and speaks volumes to what he has seen and experienced.

I have seen people beat horses, and myself have threatened to beat the human for it, have in fact turned them in for all the good that did the animals. I have read and seen on TV of dog fights, and people who have mutilated and or dragged dogs. I have seen on TV or read of bastards who get perverse pleasure out of holding cock fights and doing many, many other degrading things to animals. Courtesy of the news, I have seen animals that have been starved, that have been beaten, abused and degraded and very seldom is anyone ever charged in any meaningful way...

I'll tell you what I think is cruel, denying a pet, that truly loves to ride on a motorcycle with his/her master - that's cruel.

I have a girlfriend who has some Boston Terriers - if you tried to tell "Pearl" that she couldn't go with her mom on her trike she'd throw a fit - and you know Pearl loves to ride cause the minute her mom starts to put on her motorcycle boots, Pearl drags out her Doggles.

The cops, the prosecutor and the judge involved in this case, they need to go spend some time at an animal shelter - they need to learn what real harm to animals is. They need to see what real cruelty is and they need to be punished for their crimes - because in this gal's way of thinking - the harm they have done to this man and his dog is immoral.

What say you?

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Here's a couple of m favourite funnies from around the net....cause it's Monday and we all need something to start our week off on a good foot - Laughter really is a great medicine!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone and if you are still riding, please ride safely.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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