Norton is celebrating it's return to North America and Vision/Eleven Apparel is offering you an incredible tee shirt - the cost of which is $35...what makes the tee shirts so special beyond the art work and quality is that when you buy a tee shirt,  you also are given an opportunity to win a BRAND NEW 961 SE Norton Commando Motorcycle.

That's right, buy a tee shirt and be entered to win a $27,000 motorcycle.

Click here to read the sweepstakes rules & regulations

Now I want you to think of something here...
You buy tee shirts for your biker buddies for Christmas and for every tee shirt you buy YOU get entered to win the motorcycle!

Think about that a second....your friends end up with a gorgeous Tee Shirt - there are lots of styles to choose from, so every friend can have a different shirt and for every shirt you buy, your chances of winning that wonderful motorcycle goes up.

See how easy your Christmas shopping just became?

Today is newsletter and newspaper day for members of

Our National Newspaper, the Busted Knuckle Chronicles is delivered every Thursday morning with a provincial newsletter.  As I was editing the paper for our layout man, Darryl, I read with much dismay about the passing of Pastor Rob Dale's dad. My heart goes out to Rob, he's a wonderful man and I know that he has to be hurting. I thank him for the courage to share such an intimate and personal look into his family.  I am sure that his sharing of that very deeply personal story will encourage and empower others to know that YOU can forge your own destiny, you can over come your challenges. So Rob, thank you. Thank you for being so real and I pray to God, for you and your family that you all find the peace you need to move forward. 

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