Most people I know are on Facebook these days and it is a great tool when used wisely. You can communicate with group members, friends and family, but what happens when you communicate/share something that is patently false or potentially harmful?

With millions and millions of users, lies, falsehoods, porn and viruses get spread like peanut butter on hot toast - quickly.

The Patriot Guard Riders & Starbucks are the subject of mistruths being spread and are working on a truth campaign.

So what happened? It was reported that they (The Patriot Guard Riders) were thrown out of a Starbucks parking lot in Oklahoma

But if you read the article and watch the video, that is NOT what happened. It was a calamity, the Starbucks in question called the police because people who were not using their coffee shop for it's intended purpose were parking in the lot. 4 spaces were being taken up by non customers and some 500 people were on the street and service road.

Apparently the Westboro Church was at it again and some other clubs were attempting to calm people down - the Westboro Church was eventually asked to leave by the police.  It may not seem like a big deal to some, but when the wrong club is accused of parking where they shouldn't be and the cops are called, and a company is accused of being disrespectful to the military well - all hell breaks loose.

The problem in this case where a false story/rumour is spread, is that a company like Starbucks ends up having their name smeared and the good name of the Patriot Guard Riders ends up being drug into it. It is highly unfair, it sheds a bad light on people who don't deserve it and then a ton of energy that should go to good works ends up being wasted on having to do damage control.

We all have a responsibility to share responsibly - sadly many people do not read stories in their entirety, they read one sentence, get upset and go off on a topic they have not educated themselves fully on.

There are other pitfalls to Facebook as well.  The viruses that are maliciously spread, they can devastate people causing untold headaches and some times come with huge financial costs. If you run a business and get a virus well entire systems can go down, business contacts and customer lists can be compromised.  Then there is the proliferation of porn.

Sadly there are many women who appear to be of really low self esteem who think that getting naked and sharing it on Facebook is a way to feel good about themselves.
I personally have unfriended many women who take it all off. It's just not something I want or need to see or be party to. I feel sorry for these gals because to my way of thinking it is demeaning and degrading - it is something I choose not to participate in, that's my personal opinion and I exercise my right to that opinion by simply un-friending them.

Facebook has become a place that many use to spread their hate, and many who are spreading this stuff appear to be uneducated about what they are actually spreading.

Now don't get me wrong - there are many positives to Facebook. If you have a good circle of friends, if you monitor your page carefully and get rid of offenders right away, the sharing and good things that can transpire are amazing.

Case in Point:

I shared my idea for a Patch meant to unite all riders in the act of Remembering our Soldiers who have given up their lives for our freedoms. That patch is being sewn as I write this and we have had requests from around the world for it. Our first run of the patch will be 1000 with lots of 100 going to various groups to use as fundraisers for their military charity of choice.  We have also gotten requests from many organizations for the use of the High Rez image so that they can get patches made in places like Wales, Great Britain and the US.

Facebook is a great tool when used for good. But like so many great things in this world it only takes a few to ruin for everyone.  My suggestion is, remember that Facebook is much like living your life in a fish bowl - be careful what you put out there because you never know who is following you and what you say and do there can and will get you in hot water if you are not careful, with the police, employers, friends and family. You never know whose reputation you might damage - it might just be your own.

Before you get carried away and share something that could be hurtful to others ask yourself this: How would I feel if the tables were turned?

There will always be those who are selfish, who think that their point of view or opinion is more valid than that of someone else, there will always be those who seek attention be it good or bad...the only way to protect yourself is to unfriend those who are doing things that go against your belief system.
You don't need to bash them, you don't need to add insult to injury - just simply unfriend them and don't give them any energy...

What say you?

In other News:

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That's it for me today, if you are able to ride today, please ride carefully - and have a fantastic Tuesday.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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