There is so much going on today - where do I start - how about with the bad crap so we can get it out of the way and celebrate the good stuff!

If you experience log in issues on our site - please note that we are aware of it and have been fighting with our web site host since the wee hours of this morning. Poor Ali finally fell into bed at 4:30 am - most of the issues except the log in have been resolved and when she gets up she will go to work on that.

You are actually logged in and can access everything - it just doesn't appear that you are logged in...weird stuff...but keeps us on our toes I guess! Gotta laugh or I'd cry!

Then she (Ali) will fix a couple of other little things for us and begin the daunting task of moving web hosts.
We will be moving to GoDaddy - they have stepped up their game hugely and since our current host - Host Gator has probably the worst customer service and the most archaic methods of dealing with issues I have ever experienced - well - let's just say I am hoping to see our site speed improve and banking on GoDaddy's commitment to better customer service.

If you are looking at starting a site or for a reliable web host may I NOT recommend Host Gator. They are, in my humble opinion and personal experience THE WORST at customer service.

UPS has apparently lost our calendar order  - they will hunt them down - they promise. In the mean time I have talked to my printer and he will re print them and ship via an alternate route if they don't show up here by next Friday. If it ends up costing me money to priority them out the buyers - then that's what we'll have to do - BUT YOU will have your calendars in time for the holidays...somehow.

Now on to the good stuff.
We now have our own Shop Section up and running with our CafePress Store and our affiliate shops:

In the CafePress Store:

Our Bikers United in Remembrance Patches and the 2012 Canadian Riders Support Network Patches will be available on the site later today - They are here and they are GORGEOUS!!!!
Ali will get the Pay Pal links up for them this afternoon.
They will have their own little section in the shopping area.

In the Affiliate Category:

We also have BDB gear available through Ross Screenprint - Ross is making certain designs for us...Click on the BDB Gear @ Ross Screenprint to see the designs and colours available:  We love working with other rider owned businesses for our products wherever possible! And Ross is a Rider - known as the Cabot Trail Biker!

Ken the Glassdude is offering Sand Carved Mugs - they are magnificent and he will personalize them for you too - just click the link that says Glassdude!  - Yes - Ken the Glassdude is also a biker. If you want to save the shipping cost on these, Ken will ship them to the Bike Shows for me where you can pick them up and we can email you a GC to print off and put in the stocking if it is a gift for Christmas!

You can also get your road side assistance through us in the shop section of our web site by
clicking the Roadside Assistance link. This is a great serve and exceedingly affordable. I use this road side assistance and it's been great!

Our Signs & License Plate Shop links are experiencing a few hiccups courtesy the challenges we had with our host - again, Ali will resolve these after she's gotten some sleep.

You can also visit our Amazon Book Store for some great gift and stocking stuffer ideas!

And don't forget subscriptions to our weekly newspaper - and 2012 Phone Books that will be available in January!

It has been a roller coaster day already and it's not even half over!

I had best put the finishing touches on the phone book so the printer can get them done and shipped in time for the bike show!

There is  a ton of news in the feeds today including a bust on the Hells in Montreal....check out the feed at where we sift through the news so you don't have to.

I will leave you with a couple of funnies from around the net that tickled my funny bone - you gotta have a laugh and especially on a day like this one!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving day to all of my American Friends and to everyone else - happy Thursday.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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