Sons of Anarchy has become a popular show with bikers and non bikers alike.
An article in the news feeds today talks about how although the bikers are bad, the government officials in the show appear to be worse.

How do you feel about the government agents like the district attorney on SOA?
They say that film often imitates you believe that the cops and other government officials can be as bad as some of them portrayed on the show?

I have my opinions but I want to hear yours...

In Australia, the Nomads have warned the Gold Coast Riding Club that they need to change their patch to one more acceptable to the outlaw mc. In the past, the Rebels MC has threatened the Ulysses Club telling them they need to get rid of their patch - it appears that anything that looks like it has a bottom and top rocker offends the MC's there.  The Gold Coast Cruisers patch looks NOTHING like the Rebels patch but are they going to argue with the MC?

The Australian Newspaper - Gold Coast posted this picture and is asking people to vote on whether or not people think the patches are at all similar:
You can vote here:

I have heard of other cases where MC's challenge riding clubs over their patch designs, and I wonder how many riding clubs know that they should be approaching the dominant club in the region BEFORE they make their patches official and how many even care?  Here in Grande Prairie a number of years ago a riding club was pressured to change their patches because the local dominant did not appreciate it's similarities to their patch and they did not like the rockers on them that gave the illusion of territorial behaviour...

It's risky business to piss of an MC but when is enough, enough?

Again - I would love your thoughts on this topic...

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I leave you with a few funnies from around the net that have tickled my funny bone...

Have a happy hump day...

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  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I have not noticed in Canada this issue though it has happened in the US and Europe. Out of respect to the local, or provincial dominant clubs they should be approached about acceptance of a social clubs patch design. That being said, the dominant clubs in Canada don't seem to have issues with social clubs patches as long as they DO NOT contain separate rockers from the main patch. They do take offense of any club that claims provincial territory but tend to get along well with local clubs.
    The Gold Coast Cruisers Club patch would probably go unchallenged in Canada because it meets the criteria of not having detached rockers and is one piece.