I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you enjoyed the true meaning of Christmas, the sharing of love...

I was fortunate enough this year to have my daughter prepare Christmas dinner - her first big "Family" meal - she cooked for 9 of us!  Yes mom helped out, but what a treat to have someone else worry about the menu and all of the details!  I was so proud to watch her, the love and care she put into everything she did made my heart swell.

As I watched her I couldn't help but remember myself at her age, and it was heartwarming to remember all of the time I spent in the kitchen teaching her and to see that the lessons really were learned, it was surreal watching her and remembering myself doing the exact same was a wonderful dinner - the menu was perfect and there was enough food left over to feed a small army!  I love left overs!

I finally got to meet my daughter's finance's family. It was a great experience, one I am glad to have had!

It was so warm here, I really wanted to take my bike out, but with all of the heavy grit and ice, I decided it wasn't worth the risk, but oh my heart needs a ride so bad!  Good thing the bike shows start soon, at least, for a little while, I will be able to take care of the PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) and I will get in some great hugs as the Hug O Meter fills up in each city to see who gives the MOST hugs - not the best hugs - because seriously - there is no such thing as a bad hug!

We are hosting our 5th Annual Beat the PMS Blues Online Show 'n' Shine - entries begin on January 1st so I hope you have dug up your favourite photo of your bike.  We will be giving away, among other things a Drift Camera, a group camp out in Haida Gwaii BC for 12, Shuzi Bracelets, Detailing kits and more - so if like me - you suffer from PMS, join us for our FREE Show 'n' Shine - not only do you have a shot at some great prizes but you also have the chance to put the PMS to rest for a few minutes at a time  -  but take note: you will probably need something handy to wipe the spittle off you chin from drooling over everyone's photos - just sayin!

Over the last few days of the holidays the news feeds have been pretty quiet, however there are some very interesting stories from other countries, including the US on various laws dealing with riders...

From the feeds today:

In New Hampshire, since the courts decided a municipality can not set a lower Db rate than the state's, people there are being urged to support a new state law to reduce the Db limit on motorcycles. Read about their lobbying efforts - I wonder what the riders next move is?

In Massachusetts a cop there is touting stats as a reason why helmet laws need to stay...

In Nigeria, Okada riders are put under what they call - EXTREME restrictions and the Lagos Okada (Motorcycle) Riders are expressing their frustrations. These motorcyclists operate taxi like services and are frustrated that they are only supposed to carry one passenger at a time and that passengers MUST wear head's a different world there for sure!

And in India - riders prove once again that there are certain things that just go hand in hand with motorcycling, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE - a good coffee (in this case tea shop) and lots of great conversation. What they describe in this article is appears to be not unlike what you will find at any Timmy's here in Canada - not even the time of day seems to be different for ride nights- 5 - 10 pm

In other news:

A 105 year old Indian from the DuPont collection is taken out of hiding.

A rare bike is up for sale in  Michigan Thumb - 1976 Bicentennial Edition Electra Glide motorcycle - to benefit the Caseville Community Christmas Fund

I am going to have the new Pat Savage Wind & Fire CD available for sale at my booth - Pat and I teamed up to reduce the costs that shipping adds to ordering a CD on line - come visit my booth in Calgary - #832, in Edmonton - #546 and in Vancouver - #809 to get your copy!

There are other articles that may be of interest to you over at  hope to see you there!

I leave you today with a few funnies and thoughts from that crazy zany bunch I call friends and family - they share some of the craziest, funniest and most inspirational of stuff with me..

I love my friends and thank them for the joy and good health they spread by the stuff they share, cause laughter really is GOOD Medicine!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!

Belt Drive betty
Editor & Rider

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