A rally in support of veterans will go ahead inspite of the fact that they are not being allowed a liquor license in Williamstown Mass.

Begin Quote:
"Dirt road, motorcycles, alcohol. No," Selectman Tom Costley bluntly said. "For me, absolutely not. I will never agree to this."

Costley cited the echo in that area, the proximity to children living nearby, a dangerous intersection and Ransford's lack of experience as reasons for his disapproval. He suggested Ransford find another way to raise money for the organization. "I think it is a terrible idea," Costley said. "I will never approve this because I don't want to take the risk of a tragedy happening." End Quote"

Apparently the selectmen do not feel the organizer has a good grasp on things and in the case of some of the selectmen, they just don't think that motorcyclists should be drinking at a rally.

In New Delhi India, where the populations is much greater than here in Canada, there have been a lot of issues with unsafe riding. (Read that as beware of large numbers of stupid people), and the police are cracking down hard on these people.

Apparently we in this country are not alone when it comes to some riders and their behaviours that give the masses a bad reputation.

And in Nigeria, there is a ban on commercial motorcycle riding in two Nigerian cities - Begin Quote: Reports say that the State Government on May 4 announced a total ban on motorcycle operations in Jos and Bukuru metropolis, citing the security situation in the State. End Quote

The political situation in Nigeria is unstable and there have been many cases of commercial motorcycle riders (Okada) riding in an unsafe manner and being involved in thefts and acts of violence. Hence the state felt an outright ban on all Okada (Motorcycle Taxi's) riders was the best way to handle the situation.

Another case of the few making it rough on the many.

In France there has been a sharp decline in new motorcycle sales, in fact the only increase has been with trike sales.

In Aukland New Zealand a politician involved in a crash with a motorcyclist that saw the rider be killed was fined $20,000, (the money went to the riders family) given a one year driving ban and convicted of careless driving causing death.

In San Diego, bikers of the Black Sabbath MC are wondering why they are being targeted - after their president was killed because two days earlier one of their members was shot at. The general feeling appears to be that they think someone has a vendetta and is taking it out on anyone on a bike.

In Myrtle Beach a police officer who not unlike Monty Robinson, killed a rider while impaired and off duty, was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

In Langley BC, a rider is in critical but stable condition after he failed to stop and crashed into a semi and was consequently run over by the truck.

There are many other articles in the news feeds that may affect your day and life as a rider, so visit where our work is keeping YOU informed.

I leave you with a few giggles shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

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