In the name of being politically correct, Swedish authorities have denied a man who has held the license plate number "666" since 2007, the right to renew the plate saying it MAY be offensive to some people.

Ok folks, I am going out on a limb here.

The number of Satan - the Beast, the 666 - I get that that is what the numbers represent, but is it really alright to tell someone that because it is potentially offensive to some; does that really mean he shouldn't get to renew his plate? Why was it OK in the beginning and now it's not?  If it's not OK now, when did legislation come in saying it wasn't and who decides this stuff?

Maybe I am being thick, but seriously?  I see far more disgusting and offensive things in the games kids play and the crap that is on TV.  I see worse in advertising and on clothing and in tattoos, piercings.

Let the man have his plate, then I know to stay away from him.

Let the 1% ers wear their patches - at least as a citizen, I can choose to take a wide birth if I want to.

What is this world coming to?  We are so scared of the most ridiculous of things but don't appear to look at the things out there that truly deserve our fear.

A new report is out that says more bikers are dying as a result of the ability to go helmet less.
Advocates for safety liken the helmet law to the seatbelt law and feel that there should be a helmet law in every state in the US, of course anti helmet groups say they deserve the right to choose.

Various reports I have read, talk about the cost of head traumas etc on the medical system and say bikers should pay higher insurance etc.

Well, again, I have to wonder here.

Which side is the right side to be on? Helmets or no helmets?

I wear a helmet - by choice. Yes I live in a province that makes me wear it, but even if I didn't I think I would. I am not as young or as carefree as I once was and it takes longer for me to heal.  The older I get the less I like pain, and the number of times that road debris has hit me in the helmet makes me glad I wear one.
Often times the road debris issue is why beanies are worn - simply to avoid the small hurts that can take your concentration off of your riding.

BUT, as a thinking human being I want to look at the other side of this conversation....for those who would rather go with out, they have their reasons. They like the feel of the wind in their hair or on their bald head. They like the fact that the extra noise produced by helmet straps is gone. They like feeling natural. In many cases where I see riders who choose to not wear a helmet, they often do not wear much for protective gear.  I remember being that person when I was in my 20's. Many, I think, would rather die in a crash than end up crippled or vegetative or dying of some disease that makes you linger and be a burden...

In so many ways and on so many topics, I am tired of the governments around the world being a nanny state.

I understand the laws regarding children and protecting them since there appears to a shortage of parents who can think for themselves - but I have to wonder how much the nanny state is responsible for that situation?

Everywhere you go, in everything we do, the abuser destroys the rights and freedoms of those who do tend to be rational, considerate and thoughtful. We pay through ridiculous laws, increased costs of licensing etc. We put up with discriminatory noise bylaws and on and on it goes.

I AM SO TIRED OF THE SELFISH - THE ATTENTION SEEKERS - ON BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN (The abuser & politician who make knee jerk reaction laws) - the ones who taint and poison everything good because they do not stop to think about the consequences of their conduct. They cut off their noses to spite their faces every time.

Perhaps if we hadn't allowed the governments to take away the rights of parents because a small minority of parents were idiots and shouldn't have been allowed to have kids - we would have far more caring, empathic people in the world.

Perhaps if we hadn't made it so teachers couldn't discipline kids in any meaningful way we'd have polite adults these days.

I remember a time not that long ago, where parents taught their kids, schools reinforced the teachings and we had a pretty decent society.  Now a days though we have a society of those who feel they are more privileged than anyone else, we have more people with no or a very confused moral compass.

Things started going to hell in a hand basket when all parents were penalized by the actions of a few.  When all teachers were penalized for the actions of a few. It is happening in the motorcycle community - we are loosing our rights because of the actions of a few.

When are we ever gonna get it that the individual should pay the price for their actions instead of the whole community?

Bad Pit Bull owners has equated to all Pit Bulls being restricted or banned - the good owners, the ones who shower their pet with love and affection and have good dogs as a result are forced to make their pets wear muzzles when out of doors. The many pay for the sins of the few.

Bad Parents have given us poor employees, poor customer service, but the parents who have invested themselves in their kids and have turned out good ones, did so in spite of the unbalanced and unequal laws on the books and I applaud them.

Bad asses on motorcycles have caused those who use their louder pipes as one of many tools in their urban jungle self defence toolbox to have that tool removed for them.  Discriminatory laws are penalizing all of us because of the few.

Why shouldn't the abuser, the offender be left to pay the price for their actions - why should entire segments of society be force to pay a price?  The laws that are there rely so much on discretion which is tainted by bias and personal experiences - likes and dislikes.

What are the answers to turning this stuff around?

I am not sure there are any. We as the human race seem hell bent on destroying everything that is wondrous from our plant - to our kids and the recreations and pets we share our lives with - all of the integrity, responsibility, the fun and beauty is being legislated out of life...

As my grade 9 social studies teacher, Mr. Delhon, used to say - Common sense is not too common.

We really are our own worse enemy...

I had a thought on the insurance side of this issue, perhaps with the extreme cost of obesiety on the health care system, there should be a health insurance tax put on certain foods like French Fries, pop that as me being a sarcastic old bag.

I would love your thoughts on these topics!  HELP a poor confused old broad figure this stuff out - will yah!

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails!

Have a great weekend and please, whatever event you attend, where ever the road takes you - ride carefully - ride aware - I am a selfish bitch - I want my friends around for a while - K...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Good essay on pc, which IMHO is the poisoning of life as we knew it! I agree with all you say here.

    Most recently I think of the Mayor of New York banning sodas larger than 16 oz, saying that people are becoming obese by drinking huge amounts of soda. Absolutely ridiculous.

    After all these years of reading about the insanity fo pc I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the less I know the better off I am!

    God help future generations...