There is a young man named Mark Mullen - he's 19 years old and has been accepted to Max the Mutt in Toronto - what makes that such a spectacular thing is that Mark has Aspergers Syndrome and was accepted based solely on his art - his academic marks completely disregarded!

This young man is a fabulous artist who through a friend of his family met Charlie Hunnam and as a result of the meeting the young man created 9 pieces of art - oil pastels - of the original cast of SOA (Sons of Anarchy)  8 of the 9 pieces are autographed by the actors/actress depicted!

There will be four days of auctions - 2 pieces a day except for tomorrow when there will be three!
Today Tig and Clay are on the block!

This young man is auctioning these pieces to help pay for his $40K education - anything he can contribute towards his own education would be a bonus for him as a student and artist!

Help this young man achieve a dream - help him pay for his education by bidding on a fabulous piece of art!

October is Autism Awareness Month and I feel it's very fitting that this auction is being held now - help break the Autism Barrier! PLEASE!

The news feeds are busy today!

In South Australia Bikers are being linked to fires

In the Philippines a Rookie cop is a thief?

In India - Harley-Davidson is celebrating 9th dealership

In sports, Steve Atlas wins Time Trial Extreme Grand Prix, the first electric motorcycle race at Daytona International Speedway.

There's a ton of other news in the feeds today - check it out at where our work is keeping You informed!

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by my crazy friends on Facebook and via emails - laughter, it does a body good!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!
Belt Drive Betty
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