Saskatchewan gets a bad rap as a place to live and ride.

The infrastructure in the province is deplorable, everyone in the world seems to think the place is flat and boring when that is far from the case.

People poke fun of Saskatchewan for a variety of reasons but I am here to tell you this...

In just a few days this provinces riders have united in a way that the rest of the country could stand up and take notice of.

While they have an enormous amount to do in a short period of time, the riders are getting the job done.

The have been FLOODING SGI with petitions, letters, phone calls and emails.
They have been getting media attention and they are gathering strength in numbers.

These people are united in a way that I have not seen happen in a long while and I hope that they can sustain it because we here in Canada need a role model on what being a lobby force can look like and accomplish.

I, like many riders will be waiting to hear the outcome of the town hall meetings, and getting the response to my questions on behalf of R.A.G.E.

We need to support this group if in any way possible - buy a patch, donate, join their Facebook Group - offer advice, support or funds...

These guys and dolls should be looked on as a huge inspiration - it can be done, we can unite, we can work for better solutions than the ones that are too often forced upon us.

We have a new fight brewing in Southern Alberta where recreational riding lands are being threatened and low and behold - SASKATCHEWAN has almost gotten their law passed with NO PUBLIC INPUT.

If Southern Alberta riders can muster the same kind of unity of numbers and willingness to put forth a little effort, we might just be on a roll.

I find it difficult to understand why Edmonton area riders are not united in challenging discrimination of riders, but perhaps, just perhaps, we can re ignite the passion to right seeing others in united action.

There are many other great stories in the news feeds today - please visit where our work is keeping You informed to read about what may affect your day or life...

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and via emails - laughter - levity - it's needed today!

For all you in the Grande Prairie AB region - David Wilcox is on stage tonight at Dukes - $45 per ticket - doors open at 8pm! Hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Thank you very much my friend. Nothing is more powerful than a group of passionate Bikers all focused on the same goal. In a word we become "unstoppable".

    Thank you for your endless support of the motorcycle community's best interests. Your resource is crucial to our lifestyle.

  2. Kevin Jones9:45 AM

    Maybe R.A.GE. will be the lobbyist group you've been talking about for years,Rene,I personaly think it will be & could be the stepping stone for all of Canada.

  3. Dana Boorman11:04 AM

    Thank you so much for the read!! And we appreciate all your wonderful comments!! We indeed have come together like no other and I must say that I am honored to be apart of such an amazing community!! We will fight and we will win!! R.A.G.E

  4. Thank you so much! You, my friend, are an inspiration to all of us. You are the glue that keeps a lot of us sane in the winter months :) ...and