Most civilians do not understand the New Veteran's Charter created by the Liberal Government and defended relentlessly by the Harper government.

It is all about money - it is all about saving the Government money - but we the people ARE the government and if enough raise our voices in a united way, we can force our government to do the right and honorable thing - pay our veterans a pension.

As it stands right now if a verteran has served at least 10 years they get a buy out based on 20% of their best 5 years of pay. If they serve less than that, their source deductions are returned to them - and that's pretty much it.

When they are discharged for medical reasons - be it PTSD or physical injury - they are not getting the supports they need beyond prothstetics or drug therapy. If the drugs don't work for them - too bad.

I want you to read this - PLEASE:

If that doesn't make your stomach churn - I am not sure what will...

I have another day of hard riding to get to my next fundraiser in Midland ON at the Tim Horton's at 5:30 pm tonight - hope to see some of you out there to support our veterans...


Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. I don't think most people know about the treatment by our government for our Vets. We are CANADA because of them!
    Do you have an itinerary of locations? Would love to shake your hand if your anywhere around Southern Ontario or Toronto.

  2. Oshawa at Mackies tonight 5:30 pm meet
    Trenton at the Ramada on Saturday 5:30 pm
    Kingston at the Fireside Best Western 5:30 pm

    Would love to meet you