In a press release yesterday, Mayor Ric McGee of the City of Kawartha Lakes Ontario stepped down from the Police Services Board.

In his statement he says:
My decision to step down from the Police Services Board is based upon the Police Service Boards' inability or lack of willingness to perform its' duty to the taxpayers in Lindsay Ops. The final straw is the Boards' permissive stance to allow a police service employee to create the controversy surrounding the Remembrance Day ceremony over the last two years in Lindsay.

Police Service Employees are not paid to provide personal opinion or issue ultimatums around Remembrance Day ceremonies. End Quote

During a phone interview with the Mayor, he expressed to me that after my call to him last year that he had taken the complaints of discrimination and bullying to the Police Services Board but they chose to do nothing.

If the Police Services Board is not prepared to make this Police Chief, John Hagarty, apologize and the complaints that have been lodged with the Office of Independent Police Review Director does not net any results, then there is a thoughtful group of citizens prepared to sue the Chief and the Police Services Board.

The Facebook Group, Remove Police Chief John Hagarty, had considered a boycott of Lindsey and Lindsey Ops but have decided that that would just hurt good people and so they are getting ready for a legal fight.

So stay tuned for more of this discrimination battle...

In other news:

In the US, a police officer caught on video drag racing has resigned 

A father is found guilty in the death of his 22 month old son when he recklessly rode his motorcycle - his son had no helmet and was killed when the father crashed

The US Federal government is reported to be getting ready for a Universal Helmet Law

In Australia, 3 bikies go to testify in court but get thrown out of the courthouse

Under Lifestyles - Motorcycle Gear - BMW has unveiled a new riding suit equipped with an air bag 

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