In the news today, there are a couple of articles from Australia that have my blood boiling and have driven home for me the reason that we here in Canada need to remove people like Police Chief John Hagarty from positions of authority.

Australia, thanks to the new Anti Bikie legislation, has become a place where Lawful Police Harassment has become acceptable under the law.

It has become a place where people who ride motorcycles have no rights, no protection and few options.

In article number one from Motorbikewriter, a group of everyday, ordinary riders going to a funeral were stopped, searched and filmed.

After the implementation of the New Anti Bikie Legislation, ordinary riders were being pulled over and harassed in large numbers. After enough complaints the police and riders sat down to work out a way to allow riders to ride peacefully - the idea that was settled upon is that large groups would call in to central and let them know their intentions and who they would be riding with (Riding Club or independents) and their ride details.

SO....according to the article;

These riders notified the central office of the police that there would be 14 riders escorting a hearse from the funeral home to the cemetery. They would be leaving from the one person's motorcycle shop which has a Rebels clubhouse as a neighbour, about 500 metres away. No affiliations or relationships are held between the shop or the Rebels.

The lady who had passed was the wife of a longtime shop customer.

Unfortunately the funeral was taking place during a 72 hour anti bikie blitz and so the riders were pulled over, and after producing papers and answering questions, they were allowed to go, just making it to the funeral home in time.

The riders did everything they were asked to do and still got harassed.

In the other article, also from Motorbikewriter, charity riders are being refuse drink service for wearing charity and ride patches on their jackets.

Because independent business owners are not being trained as to what constitutes illegal colours, riders who wear any kind of patch are being refused service by fearful bar owners who can loose their licenses or face huge fines if they serve 1%ers.

Here in many places in Canada, like here in Grande Prairie where I live, there are bylaws forbidding 1% colours on city property and bar owners have signs that say no Illegal, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Club Colours.

We have had similar cases of riders being filmed because a 1%er showed up to an event and I have had my fair share of discrimination levelled at me when I was hosting motorcycle shows.

And, because of lack of training, we have had bar owners refuse people service for wearing Harley-Davidson or Sons of Anarchy shirts.

The mentality of people like John Hagarty, the Police Chief who has publicly discriminated against bikers based solely on attire, is a dangerous one.

It is the kind of mentality that says my opinions count more than your opinions, you are discounted, treated as if you don't matter or count because I don't like you. It is the kind of mentality that punishes everyone for the sins of a few.

Anytime a person in a position of authority is allowed to discriminate publicly, with no repercussions, no civil anger, our rights and freedoms become eroded to the point that we too will become a place of Lawful Police Harassment. We are already over half way there.

Think about it.

The rest of society doesn't see in harm in the discrimination or harassment of motorcyclists because they themselves aren't being singled out for special attention or discrimination and they have bought into the police and medias rhetoric. As long as they are not being inconvenienced there is no motivation to step in or speak out.  Then there is the fear factor - if I stay quiet, they won't notice me and they will leave me alone.

No one is going to protect our rights and freedoms unless we do.

So, that leaves a bunch of A type personalities to figure out a way to unite and defend the freedoms and rights we still have in a united and cohesive way and that my friends will not be easy.

But if we do not make an example of John Hagarty, who has publicly discriminated against our community, and send a clear message to the rest of the Canadian Police Forces, it will  not be long before we have the same problems in Canada that Queensland Australia has.

Like I said, look at the laws in our country - we are already over half way there....

We cannot stand by and watch what we love to do die, can we?

Where would you be without your motorcycle, the motorcycle community, your lifestyle?

I know where I would be.
Sitting in a psychiatrists office trying to make sense of a world I don't understand anymore.
At least on my motorcycle, I can feel alive, free and have an uncluttered mind and a bit of peace for a while.

If I lost that, it would wound me deeply and my quality of life would suffer desperately.

If we do not protect our rights and freedoms, who will?

Please consider what I say, read all the information you can and educate yourself and then if you see any wisdom or value in my words, please sign our petition - both first and last name please and help us send a clear and concise message to those in positions of authority:

We are bikers, motorcyclists, riders, citizens and taxpayers and we have rights and freedoms that have been guaranteed to us under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and we will defend those rights and freedoms.

Here's some reading material for you to consider when making your decision to sign or not, each article has links to outside sources of information:

A Police Chief crosses the line and publicly discriminates

Kawartha Lakes Police Chief John Hagarty - Bikers don't belong marching in Remembrance Day Parades wearing biker attire.

Who has the moral right to tell people who ride they are being disrespectful of our troops...

If we do not protect our rights and freedoms, then every soldier who ever fought to defend those rights and freedoms - their service and sacrifice means nothing, and that would be the worst travesty of all.

I leave you with a link to a WONDERFUL AND JOYFUL VIDEO  - Police Chief Hagarty would probably be foaming at the mouth if he saw it, but I think all of you will appreciate what this video stands for.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Carol Saucier8:31 AM

    In regards to bikers being pulled over in groups, my daughter and her friends were on a memorial run in Ontario. Stayed overnight at a motel only to wake and notice police watching them from across the road. As the group gathered to ride home, they pulling onto the road only to be swarmed by several police cars and pulled over, the police asked for id's from all riders. Using the excuse some bikers came into the area the day before and caused troubles. The kids explained they were on a memorial run for a biker friend who died in a crash, cops didn't care. My daughter took pics of what was happening, she was threatened by the cops for taking pics. Such bullshit is happening far too often in Ontario.Everyday people enjoying a ride together being harassed by the police.!! Time this stops!