Many in the riding community love to pass on their passion for motorcycling to their children, grand children, nieces and nephews.

And as we all know, its great to start them out when they are young.

"Bikers are Animals" is a series of children's books geared towards the little one who is curious about motorcycles and loves animals.

The creator of the series, Paul Jamiol is a world renowned cartoonist who has been riding for the better part of 40 years.

Paul got sick of hearing the term "Bikers are Animals" used in the pejorative sense - and decided to turn his love of motorcycling into a series of children's books with subtle but strong, values messages.

His latest book; "Bikers are Animals 4" is all about working and riding.

The colorful characters in the book talk about their parents, their grand parents and other adults in their life and what their jobs are.  It's almost like show and tell at school!

Each child animal introduces their adult, tells you what their job is and then shares about their time riding with those adults.  It's a fun read packed with important messages about safety, getting along and family time together.

In fact all of Paul Jamiol's books are the same, fun to read to, or with a child and they help to instill acceptance of others.

He does that by placing lady riders in non traditional jobs: Howlena has a daughter named Treena who is pretty proud of the fact that her mom is a mechanic who builds custom cars. Treena loves to ride with her mom too.

He also uses a wide variety of careers to show that anyone can love motorcycles.
From artists and wood workers to construction and TV personalities, Paul brings motorcycling and good old family values together in a way that delights kids.

If you find yourself looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for a young one in your life, any one of the 4 "Bikers are Animals" books would be a great choice.

Paul is also the artist responsible for my Beaver Mascots - Road Trip Rita and her soon to be named male companion.
The newest Beaver
Name our newest Beaver:
You can help us name our newest beaver by visiting our "Name that Beaver" contest page - you might win the entire set of 4 books and a plaque that Paul is giving away!

Both of our Canadian Beavers will be doing guest appearances in one of Paul's upcoming books in the series "Bikers are Animals".

For more information on Paul Jamiol and his books visit:

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