I recently came across a series of videos from a gal called Josie the Outlaw and I have to tell you - this young lady has some solid, solid arguments and solid ideas. She is eloquent, thoughtful and sharp and her messages are important, powerful and urgent.

Now this might be an American gal delivering this message but her message is universal and applies to us here in Canada far more than one would like to admit.

I BEG YOU - please take some time to visit her web site and watch her videos:

I found it very hard to punch holes in her commentary anywhere in any of the four videos I have watched and I think you will have the same difficulty. The only difficulty I had was who does stop the bad guys if there is no authority structure.  I wonder if in future videos she will address that one issue.

After I watched her videos, I came across this one, also American and also super relevant to what is happening here in Canada:

I truly believe that this soldier, Arron Weiss and Josie the Outlaw are two of the brightest lights in the work to restore and keep our freedoms and rights.

These people are saying the things that so many think.

Look at the G 20 Summit in Toronto and the complaints of police brutality, or the recent information about the eavesdropping by our the American government, the Chinese government

Taking a stand to remove people like Police Chief John Hagarty from positions of authority and power is how every person can make a difference. It is our DUTY to protect our rights and freedoms as a community and I call on every rider within my circle to take that stand - to stand up and be counted. To stand shoulder to shoulder with the Kawartha Charity Riders and every other rider who has ever experienced profiling, discrimination and oppression by a member of the police services.

The police officer in the article linked below is an example of what is wrong with the police services across this country and sadly there are many more just like him; Monty Robinson is probably one of the most publicized example of what is wrong with the system the culture they work in:


I urge you to become a Good Outlaw.

By uniting your voice with others we force our voices to be heard, creating that groundswell of support for those who are oppressed by narrow minds. It is only by holding those in authority accountable, making them answer to us - their boss - we the people, that we can affect any kind of positive change right now.

It is my hope that the motorcycle community will stand shoulder to shoulder to protect our rights and freedoms.

And remember:
Just because YOU haven't experienced discrimination or harassment yet,
does not mean it isn't happening and doesn't need to be stopped.

Please take a few minutes to examine your heart and your conscience.

And then help us Remove Police Chief John Haggarty from his position of authority.

Until next time,
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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