Leader, visionary, life & business coach, rider trainer, writer, author; Liz Jansen is all of these things and so much more!

At 61 years old this coming May, Liz who has been riding since age 16, has had a life and career that many look at with awe.

I am one of those women who is inspired by Liz.

Liz started off her professional life as an RN, and when a position in Occupational Health opened up she took it.  That position eventually translated into a Human Resources career, and it is there where she learned and mastered many skills that would one day fuel a new career path. She enjoyed the challenges and issues the position offered, but over time she began to feel restless and unfulfilled.

Liz's marriage had changed too, or as she reflects, maybe it was her perception of it that change, either way between home and career, she found that her soul felt empty.

Having come from a Mennonite background, her spirituality is strong and as she began to look inward for the answers she sought, she found that one thing kept coming back to her time and time again.  "Our lives cannot be in balance until we learn what purpose it is we are here on the earth to fulfill."

She realized that the restlessness, the emptiness she felt, was caused by the fact that her purpose was calling her. And she decided to go and meet it.

Within a span of 8 months she left her job and her husband and then embarked on a two month motorcycle trip across North America.  Liz expressed that it was as if her Honda Spirit had helped her reclaim her soul. It was not just that Honda Spirit and the adventure or the time on the road that inspired her, Liz began putting together the connection between motorcycle and spirituality, motorcycle and empowerment, motorcycle and mental strength and she wanted others to learn the power of that motorcycle and we aren't talking horsepower.

When she returned from that trip, Liz realized she had been living a life that was filled with a false sense of security and decided to invest some time and energy on herself.

She knew what her purpose was, and now she had to figure out how to fulfill that purpose.

She founded Trillium Motorcycle Tours & Events, hired a personal coach and began refining herself and her skills.

Today Liz is the author of 14 books/Ebooks, a life and business coach and a senior motorcycle instructor at Humber College.  She served on the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada board as a board member and chair person from 2006 to 2014 and she has facilitated many events for women in motorcycling.

A gifted speaker, Liz loves coaching be it one on one or in large groups. She imparts the wisdom of the road to her audience and teaches them to embrace the teachings of the motorcycle.

Liz's series of books called "Life Lessons from Motorcycles: Where the Road Meets Spirit" are the foundation for her training courses; How to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing", but she is probably best known as the author of "Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment"

Liz suffered a crash on a gravel road last fall. She was at the very beginning of what was to be a one year trip to South America. On that fateful day she was planning on visiting Blackfoot Crossing and Namaka in Southern Alberta. She wanted to visit the farming community her dad had grown up in.

Her trip to South America was to be a part of a journey to learn more about indigenous peoples and
their cultures.  When the crash happened, Liz, a highly experienced rider knew this was a message, that something about her expectations for this trip were out of balance.  She expressed that the crash has been a blessing in disguise for it has forced her to be still and introspective and she's had time to absorb all of the kindness and blessings others offered to her during her convalescence. She needed to slow down, take time for herself and re-examine things. She refers to her crash as a "Course Correction".

Her shoulder which was severely injured is healing but may require a further surgery before she is able to gain full mobility in it.


Her soul is becoming restless for her motorcycle, in over 45 years of riding she has only ever spent 2 years of her life without a bike.  Her motorcycle is truly her conduit, it keeps her focused and centred and she realizes how important that is in her life.

"The true beauty of motorcycles, as any rider knows, is that they connect you with Spirit and ultimately with yourself," says Liz and she should know because she has traversed hundreds of thousands of miles by motorcycle.

In spite of the course correction she finds herself on, Liz says life has never been better and that she loves being in service to others, doing the work that fills her soul, that allows her to use her unique gifts to empower other people to truly live their lives.

"There is nothing more rewarding in the world than knowing your gifts and talents are of benefit to others" says Liz. 

Her advice to everyone who feels like they aren't living the life they were meant to?
"We become aware of our strengths and gifts by pushing out of our comfort zone. So get out of your comfort zone and find out who you really are and what you are truly capable of!"

Liz is another inspiring example of a woman who is living a BIG LIFE!

Visit her web site to find out more about Liz and the wisdom she has to share:

If you are blessed to be living where you can ride, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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