The controversy over the Veterans MC and their alleged ties to 1% clubs has caused some heated debate.

So much so, I have a question to ask you....

If a man or woman served their country, they did 1 tour or many tours and was honourably discharged but became a criminal because of his/her behaviour after the fact, does it nullify his/her service?

I feel very conflicted - I am passionate about our charter rights, I am passionate about our veterans, our soldiers and believe they deserve to be treated with dignity.

And yet, there are those who after they have gotten out of the service for whatever reason, PTSD that caused addiction issues, violence, homelessness because of mental health issues etc., have gone on to commit crimes....maybe they became adrenaline junkies and couldn't settle into the relative quiet of civilian life and they went down a wrong path as a result, does that mean their service meant nothing and that they should be discriminated against and what if they have paid their debt to society for their wrong acts? Should they not be allowed to feel pride over having served? Should they still be shunned?

I ask because I am conflicted.....deeply and truly convicted for all though I can see the other side of the coin, part of me says you can't take away the good that they did any more than you can take away the bad....

My personal belief is that if you served this country, that for 1 day of the year, Remembrance Day a day to remember those who have fallen (and because there is no Veteran's Day to celebrate the service and sacrifice of those who did not die in battle), you deserve some measure of respect for that one good thing regardless where life's circumstances took you afterwards.

Am I wrong?

I'd love to know.

Belt Drive Betty 
Editor & Rider


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