Our world is ever changing and every day that we wake up, it seems that there is something new to learn, do, or assimilate. Challenges abound in this life and facing those challenges is what makes it so rewarding!

I determined last summer after battling with adrenal fatigue for over a year and a half, that somehow I was going to turn things around with my health. The adrenal fatigue was caused by blunt force trauma tumors on my adrenal glands.

I decided that I was going to lose the weight in preparation to quit smoking.
I wanted to have some healthy routines in place to support my goal of feeling better, feeling vibrant and strong again. It had been so long since I had felt strong and I was ready.

I started exercising regularly, nothing too heavy, but I was doing it consistently.  I changed my eating habits and became vigilant in checking labels for the sugar quantity of the foods I was thinking of purchasing. I can’t tell you how much cane sugar is in the food we eat.

Wow what an eye opener.

All the while, I was also taking Ayurveda herbs to break up the tumors on my adrenal glands, support my liver, pancreas and lymph system. I went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Crystal Su of the Grande Prairie Acupuncture and Acupressure Clinic.  All of these things have added a layer of improvement to my health.

I went from a size 14 clothes to size 7-8 over the course of about 20 weeks.

I started getting reasonably toned and lost a lot of that horrible belly fat one gets when they become pre-diabetic. Although I wasn’t pre-diabetic, the adrenal tumors that were causing the fatigue were also causing the weight gain and basically mimicking diabetes.

I spent some time investigating ways to quit smoking, naturally was important to me.  I found out about Imagine Laserworks, through our sister newspaper “The BKC News Bytes” on Vancouver Island.  I checked out the company website only to learn there was an office here in Grande Prairie that serves the north Peace of Alberta and BC.

I phone the Grande Prairie office that is located in Cooperators Center and spoke with the owner, Victoria.  She was ready and waiting for me when I got to her office.

The process was pretty simple. I filled out some forms, answered some questions and learned about addiction and how to help myself in eliminating this addiction from my life. (Imagine Laserworks can help you with all kinds of addictions!)

I was given a package filled with a CD and handouts that I could refer to for support.

Victoria got me up on her table and explained what the sensation of the laser would feel like and it was exactly as she said it would be, a little prickly feeling.  She gave me some dark safety type glasses to protect my eyes and played the same CD that is in the information kit while using the laser on various points.

There is a lot of very good information on nicotine, addiction, and helping yourself deal with the angst of quitting on that CD.

The whole process took about and hour and I was quite amazed, I had walked in there after just putting out a cigarette, I had been smoking since I got up that morning and my appointment wasn’t until 3 in the afternoon.  When I walked out at 4 pm I was a non-smoker and while I have gotten testy at times, I wasn’t nearly as bothered by it as I thought I would be.

I chose to go to the health food store and order the supplements they recommended, in total the extras I needed came to about $70, and again, I am grateful that I did.

The support from Victoria and Gail has been incredible.  I felt I needed a little booster as I was battling the cravings pretty hard on day three. I took them up on the fact that they offer free boosters for the first 8 weeks after your session and intend to keep taking them up on them if I feel the need.

No problem, they fit me right in, within hours!

After a bad news week, I was feeling some huge stress and was again feeling afraid that I would cave in, that was on day 21. They got me in that afternoon and voila…I am at 23 days as a non-smoker. 

23 days, thanks to laser therapy from Imagine Laserworks and the support from Victoria and Gail.

I haven’t replaced food for cigarettes either!

The other thing that amazes me is that I smoked from the time I was 12.
I am 57 in June.  I quit once for 15 months (6 years ago) but needed pharmaceutical help (Champix) to do it and fell off the wagon at Christmas, I was so crushed because I gave into my weakness. Had I known about Laser Therapy then, I think I could have stayed quit back then.

I am grateful to know about them now and very thankful for the professionalism, the information and the support that Imagine Laserworks offers.  I know that if I ever feel weak I can call on them to help me through a rough spot!

Check them out here in Grande Prairie or at their monthly clinics in Dawson Creek.
There are Imagine Laserworks clinics right across Canada so visit: to find an office near you.

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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