A friend of mine shared this news video from CBC with me about  rider who got cut off.

In the video below, the rider who is in the left lane, minding his own business.
This black SUV's driver throws on the signals and moves into the left lane, and its very obvious that this driver did not look, or shoulder check.

How many thousands of times a week do you see this very scene play out be you on your bike or in your car/truck.  People don't know how to drive, they don't follow or seem to even know the rules of the road.

I feel like every person holding a drivers licences longer should have to rewrite and re drive for their licenses every year. I don't know who is teaching these drivers, who is issuing them licenses but they should all be investigated - these driver examiners. Why else does this country has a TV show called Canada's WORST driver? It's because 90% of people who get behind the wheel of a vehicle, including so called professional drivers haven't got a clue what they are doing. They are too busy doing everything but driving.

But that's not why I am sharing this would be redundant because, as I said, you all watch this play out daily.

No, the reason I shared this was the riders reaction.

Kicking and hitting the SUV until he/she knocked the side mirror off the car.

Click here to see the video - Road Rage 

Now part of me wants to applaud this  rider - if you aren't going to use your mirrors, if you aren't going to turn your head and do a safety check before you move over, then maybe you really don't need that mirror...BUT...

What would have happened had he lost control while kicking or punching the vehicle?

I get the fear, the anger, the frustration....

I really do get it, but you can be DEAD RIGHT you know.....

What say you?

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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