Once you’re all suited up, it can be tempting to hop on your hog and head out on the open road. However, without some extra accessories you may find yourself riding uncomfortably or in a mechanical dilema.  There’s an old adage that goes “you can never be too prepared” and it rings true even with motorcycle riding. Here a few overlooked accessories that can result in an even smoother riding experience.

Wearing a helmet is a standard for motorcycle safety.  However, depending on the type use your helmet could be causing excess wind (which is already noisey enough when riding) to travel through it.  It is not recommended to listen to music while riding as it can distract riders from traffic risks and blocks out all sound completely. Having a good set of earplugs can protect your ears from high-pitched wind noise and allow you to concentrate on the low-frequency sounds you need to be able to hear.  Earplugs also help you make feel less fatigued which is useful if you’re going for a long ride.

Tank/Tail Bags
Tank and tail bags may not seem like a motorcycle essential but their practicality is priceless.  Tank and tail bags aren’t just a convenient way to pack a snack; bags are useful tools for carrying around things like rain gear, first aid supplies, and even tools to aid you in any unforeseen emergency situation.  Bags are also an easy way to customize your stuff to tell it apart from others in your group, or for it to be returned if lost. Custom printed patches for example can be personalized with any info you like and are easily applied anywhere on the bag.  

This may sound like a no-brainer, but not all locks deter all bike theft.  When selecting a lock try looking for brightly colour disc or master locks.  This tells potential thieves that they have a challenge ahead of them as opposed to locks that are dark in colour or ones that aren’t easy to see.  

Hand Guards
A relatively inexpensive accessory that often gets overlooked are hand guards.  Moreso recommended for colder climates, hand guards can block cold winds making it easier to use your handlebards.  Hand guards also offer protection from flying debris and bugs that may make riding uncomfortable. Motorcycle gear often differs from bike to bike, but with a few additional tools on hand you can gear up for a smoother and safer ride!

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