Season 6 Episode 4 Segment 1
The Future of Motorcycling Part 1
Calgary Motorcycle Show

Litas Motorcycle Club was recently formed in Calgary AB and has chapters in both Edmonton AB and Calgary AB.  Ride Like a Local interviewed the co-founders Erin Woon age 31 and Lauren Reschke age 28.

When asked what inspired the ladies to ride they had this to say:

Erin, who rides a 2015 Harley Sportster Custom XL says "It's me time, a time when I'm not dependent on my spouse.  I can appreciate whats around me.  With social media we tend to forget whats around us."  Erin grew up in a bike family.  Dad was a Harley man.  Erin, who is a transplant from Colorado to Canada said her husband had his first bike.  He encouraged her to get her license and the rest is history.  She states it was the best decision she ever made.

Lauren, who rides a Harley Sportster Iron883, says "It's a time that I am 100% present.  I'm not distracted by the phone or multitasking.  I am focused on the road the experience and using all of my senses.  It's a totally freeing feeling.  Lauren said she was riding on the back of her dads bike and could not see out front.  She knew she needed her own bike so she could be in control and see the view.

Litas has partnered with Calgary Harley Davidson to start doing charitable work.  For now, they make arts and crafts to sell and choose a different charity to donate to each time.  At the Calgary Motorcycle Show, all proceeds will go to Bikers with Autism.  Also close to their hearts are charities that involve animals and women's shelters.

Litas is established in 25 countries all over the world.

If you are blessed enough to live where you can be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty

Editor & Rider

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