Season 6 Episode 10 Segment 2
The Airdrie Oilmens Assc.
Airdrie Bikes and Bulls Rumble on the Runway

Emery Erickson is a profession rodeo announcer.  He has worked in 3 countries and announces over 150 events a year.  He loves the Airdrie Bikes and Bulls Rumble on the Runway.  Everyone wants to be there and the event has always won awards and top honors.  It is the event of the year.

Every year there is some people who speculate that the animals are treated unfairly.  Emery was there to assure everyone they are treated like kings and queens!!  The are very well taken care of with the best of everything.  A good bull can fetch $50-$100,000 so they make sure nothing bad happens to them.  A vet is always on hand and the bulls are not harmed at all.

Everyones favorite event this year is the Wild Cow Milking.  Many sponsors, business men, and city slickers get to try their hand and milking a wild cow and it makes for great entertainment!!

The Smith Pulling Team is a motorcycle racing team that consists of Dad, Ted Smith and Daughter, Holly Smith.  This was Hollys first year racing and had a blast.  This was Teds first time at a tree in 45 years!  Old school was beating new school all day at this event!  They all had great time and are working hard to keep up the good work.

Betty spotted a Barbie doll on the back of a Ninja and had to stop to ask why.  Steve Ross, a drag racer, was sporting the Barbie on the back of his bike because his wife had to work that day.  Barbie was filling in as the back rider.  Steve says he races there because it is so much safer than the street.  His goal is to be consistent to win.

The Didsbury Car Club was hosting the drag racing this year.  Rod Peters, drag racer and rat rod driver, was at the drags for his first year and thoroughly enjoying it.  His rat rod has been called the vehicle from the Mad Max movies and looks quite similar!  He found the 1951 Chevy pick up in his neighbors pasture and it had been sitting there for 30 years.  He found parts, welded them on, and made the truck work!

If you are blessed enough to live where you can be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty

Editor & Rider

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