I just put this Thursday's newspaper, The Busted Knuckle Chronicles, to bed and I have to tell you how pleased I am. It looks WONDERFUL.

It's a little thing to some but a huge thing to me that the paper is so full of Rider Powered News that there was NO room for my editorial! It's pleasing to see it start to really happen that this community - from Coast to Coast is writing this paper - sharing their news with the rest of us.

I am putting it out there right now - If your riding club has a news letter and you want to share stories from it to the broader community - send them in! This week's newspaper is a pretty great representation of where we are growing to with this newspaper and the web site....

Provincial Sections!

I really want to increase the size of the paper so that we can provide the news to you in provincial sections.

I'd like it to go to 16 pages - Consistently...

I see it being broken down this way:

BC - 3 pages
AB - 3 pages
SK, Manitoba, YT, NWT - 2 pages - shared?
ON - 2 pages
QC - One page
Atlantic Canada NB, PEI, NS, NL - 2 pages - shared - One page
Front Page - Special Events, News - Stories
Thoughts/Word search - One page
File 13 - My editorial - One page

In order to support one page I need to fill 1/3 of the page with advertising.

This allows for 2/3 of the page to be content IE: Events Pages, Posters, Stories, Articles, Important Information....

What do you think of this idea?

Your thoughts and feedback would be deeply appreciated....

Have a great one!

Belt Drive Betty

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