We are making progress but we have had a small set back. We are having to completely redo our events calendar. I don't understand half the terminology used when it comes to the web site but the general gist is that the new content management system and upgraded calendar didn't like the info coming from the old one and it messed up the tables. Soooo hopefully we'll have that fixed by next week. Then we can start updating and adding all of the 2009 events - man it's gonna be a busy summer based on what I am seeing.

Anyway - I need to get back to work, almost finished BC and hope to have the Yukon & NWT phone book information complete by tonight.

Then the three prairie provinces and if all goes well we go to the printers by Monday/Tuesday!

Have a Wonderful Thursday and I'll chat with you again tomorrow.

Ride like they are out to get you if you are fortunate enough to live where you can be riding.

Belt Drive Betty

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