The winds of change are upon us - yesterday's Federal Election saw Canadians speak out loudly and perhaps no where did they speak louder than in Quebec.

For the first time in recent memory, voters in Quebec voted to be a part of the Federal/National discussion. The Bloc Quebecois and the separatist movement appears to be over for now and perhaps for the first time in a long time, we will see Quebec feel like they are a part of the Canadian landscape in more than just geography. I hope for the sake of all Canadians and this proud country of ours that Jack Layton is able to do what no one has done in a long time - encourage Quebecer's to embrace CANADA as their country too.

Young master Benjamin Gulak from Milton Ontario, must be a proud "papa". 
His high school science project is now a reality and has transformed from when we first saw it on the Dragon's Den into a machine that transforms itself into a full fledged motorcycle. One that is easy to park, has a tight turning radius and compacts itself neatly for storing.

Congratulations to this young genius - I can't wait to see what this brain of his comes up with next!

In Other News:

In Maine dual sport riders are being forced to register their motorcycles twice - once for highway and once for off road use - talk about unfair!

In Pennsylvania, the Governor has proclaimed May to be Motorcycle Awareness Month and the state has launched a gorgeous new web site devoted to educating riders to be "One Less" (statistic)

In Kanata Ontario, one rider is less a motorcycle after being charged for stunting after being caught by radar doing 180 KPH.

In Quebec a rider was injured when he crashed into a road sign, speed is believed to be a factor.

This has not been the best start to motorcycle awareness month folks - it is up to us to stay safe out there - the BEST defence you have when riding your motorcycle is to exercise your brain muscle and THINK. 

The best advice I got from the Canada Safety Council course I took:
SIPDE - Scan - Interpret - Predict - Decide and Execute 

Remember - your profile is smaller, your visibility to the driver of a motor vehicle is less than that of other road users.

Ride like EVERYONE is blind and CAN NOT SEE YOU.

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Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone.

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  1. NDP-hmm. Jack Layton must be proud of his MP's. Some don't live in the constituent where they were elected-some were in Vegas during the election-some forgot they were running. They were sending a message to Duceppe-not the rest of Canada. Jack's biggest job now is to explain to his team how to find their way to Ottawa.

  2. The voters in Quebec who chose the young lady that does not live in their riding - if they are upset, they have no one to blame but themselves for voting for someone they do not know - Jack and his team have 4 years now to prove to Quebecers that they want to work hard for them under a federalist banner.

    If for once Quebecers are not being prodded by separatists, perhaps there is a chance for some kind of unity in this country - and in my opinion, that would be a great thing. Being Canadian is a thing of pride for myself and many and I hope one day that Quebecers will feel that pride and sense of belonging too.

    Is Jack the right man for the job? Time will tell.