News out of the UK today regarding the death of a rider  indicates that the visor on his helmet reduced his visibility to 10%  as opposed to 50% an is considered a contributing factor in the rider's death.

Please check your equipment to ensure that you have the best that is available.

Your gas quality is important too as riders in a charity run in Ferndale Washington discovered - several riders bikes started running really badly after fuelling up with supposed premium gas. These riders count themselves as very lucky that nothing untoward happened.

In Rocky View AB a man has started a petition against the noise bylaw that is being proposed.

In the US the Guts & Glory Rally finds themselves in litigation over a copyright dispute wiht the Hoka Hey Challenge: (From Dealer News)

Begin Quote - The Guts and Glory Motorcycle Rally Across America was to have begun May 15 in Los Angeles, zigzagged up and down across the country, ending 9,000 miles later in Bar Harbor, Maine. The rally was to benefit veterans’ charities Able Forces, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and Not Alone, as well as Shriners Hospitals for Children. It boasted a top prize of $100,000. 

“The Guts and Glory Rally Across America has been postponed due to the threat of legal action and inaccurate and misleading statements made by the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and The Medicine Show Land Trust. Once the threat of litigation is removed, the Guts and Glory Rally will be rescheduled for May of 2012,” reads a statement on the Guts and Glory rally’s website.

Beth Durham, operations manager for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, says the companies are in a copyright dispute. 

“It involves the way the event is coordinated and operated,” she says. “Our attorneys and their attorneys are having a conversation.” 

This year’s Hoka Hey event, the second for this cross-country race, is scheduled to begin Aug. 5 in Phoenix, Ariz., cover 48 states and parts of Canada for 10,000 miles, then end Aug. 21 in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. End Quote

As you can see - coordinating an event anymore is becoming a touchy and expensive undertaking - if it isn't the cops trying to shut you down - it's other events!

I am not sure in the case of the Guts & Glory event and the Hoka Hey event how the Hoka Hey can do what they are doing but as per usual the only one who is going to win here are the lawyers.

I am sickened by this sad turn of events. 
I have never understood why people can't just get along. As the organizers of the Guts and Glory Rally state - this is like Ford suing Chevy because they both make cars - I shake my head.

There is a ton of other news to read up on today - news that may impact you depending on where you intend to ride so please check out for all of the news - we sift through the news feeds so you don't have to.

Have a great hump day folks and if you are fortunate enought o be riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone around you IS BLIND and CAN NOT see you.

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